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Reviews left by Revlin

Thu, Feb 19 1:49 PM Revlin review of ToraToraTora by WeselyShon
Yeah, dude. Let's hear some more.
Fri, Jan 16 5:33 AM Revlin review of Reframe the Debate by MC Jack in the Box
Ha HA! Nice swing, fool. I like it.
Thu, Jan 8 10:52 AM Revlin review of Side B by radiotimes
Beautiful harmonization of this piece. If only we could find someone to sing som...
Tue, Jan 6 2:02 AM Revlin review of Creepy Guy Blues by khidir
On the second listen this mix really jumps out at me. There's so many assorted e...
Thu, Jan 1 9:30 PM Revlin review of #11 - cringe by khidir
Thu, Jan 1 9:27 PM Revlin review of Quell the Guilty Heart by khidir
I love both your compositions and the quality of your recordings. Thanx, dude.
Fri, Dec 19 11:46 AM Revlin review of Touch You by KatazTrophee
Your style is really evolving. Can you create this kind of a piece in a live env...
Fri, Dec 19 11:34 AM Revlin review of How We Used To Be (Shame) [Shannon Hurley Remix] by KatazTrophee
Cool piece. I like the occasional cross rhythms and the overall swing feel.
Thu, Dec 11 6:36 PM Revlin review of Ruggea's Story of the World by The3amAssociation
Thu, Dec 11 6:21 PM Revlin review of Lethe Has Flowed On by Dominique Cyprès
Beautifully written and beautifully sung.
Thu, Dec 11 6:11 PM Revlin review of Your Turn To Burn by panu
Jeeez, this is so good. You're an amazing writer/singer, dude.
Thu, Dec 11 6:09 PM Revlin review of The American Way by panu
Ok, man. You can sing! And write! Your stuff is blowing me away.
Tue, Nov 4 1:03 PM Revlin review of Funki good time by Morusque
This is indeed ridonculous. Please make more :)
Fri, Oct 31 1:38 PM Revlin review of Obama (The world is in your hands) by ScOmBer
Oh hell yes. This is sooo good. Where's the guitar solo coming from? Great stuf...
Fri, Oct 31 1:34 PM Revlin review of The song of Wandering Aengus by Citizen Nyx
Freakin beautiful. Just beautiful.