Reviews left by reiswerk

Thu, Nov 6 12:29 PM reiswerk review of Love & Remember (Lounge Remix) by StillpointDigPr
You have the right feeling for soft Jazz Music!
Thu, Nov 6 12:26 PM reiswerk review of Hold_On by Stefan Kartenberg
Waiter, some Beer please, i stay here, this Music is cozy!
Tue, Nov 4 9:26 AM reiswerk review of ifthisisallyousee by latopa
The Beat is very interesting. But it's me not used to hearing no sounds. Only b...
Tue, Nov 4 9:06 AM reiswerk review of Foolish Game by Dysfunction_AL
Yeah, i am not alone, we hear the Tango Soul from this...
Mon, Nov 3 12:08 PM reiswerk review of Peace Around The World!!! by Stefan Kartenberg
Passt sehr gut in die heutige Zeit! Eigentlich immer ;) Schöner Song!
Mon, Nov 3 12:06 PM reiswerk review of History & Chemistry by CSoul
Faster, more Percussions? Could be a really good Drum'n Base track.
Sat, Nov 1 2:56 PM reiswerk review of Dead Childrens Dance (Lully Lullay) by keytronic
Some Kids do not dance….never….after last Halloween….hehehe.
Sat, Nov 1 2:55 PM reiswerk review of We're Stronger as a Whole, Luv by copperhead
Very nice straight Beat!
Thu, Oct 30 11:00 AM reiswerk review of Wasserspiele (water garden) by Stefan Kartenberg
Wet Track without to much Reverb. Very creative! My wife likes it too! Best R...
Wed, Oct 29 5:35 AM reiswerk review of The End by Stefan Kartenberg
Gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut! Still and good vibration! A different Hippie...
Tue, Oct 28 5:45 AM reiswerk review of Alien by Stefan Kartenberg
Cowboys and Aliens!
Sun, Oct 26 3:24 AM reiswerk review of The Language of Badabing Badaboom by SackJo22
Thats very nice! The best for a foggy Sunday Morning. SackJo Rap suits to you!...
Tue, Oct 21 1:30 AM reiswerk review of All of the World by Jeris
Your Instruments really from all of the World too!
Tue, Oct 21 1:29 AM reiswerk review of All of the World by keytronic
Really good Instrumentalism!
Sun, Oct 19 2:12 PM reiswerk review of Ghosts of Lees by Hans Atom
For my feeling the ideal Sound to this Acapella!