Reviews left by reiswerk

Thu, Aug 28 1:08 PM reiswerk review of My inner mystery by Stefan Kartenberg
Remembers my to the 60th style.
Thu, Aug 21 1:02 PM reiswerk review of Anny Skys Kaliningrad by Stefan Kartenberg
Gefällt mir sehr gut!
Thu, Jun 12 4:53 AM reiswerk review of In Peace by Snowflake
It's a >must< to make a Remix!
Wed, May 21 6:14 AM reiswerk review of Lucky by unreal_dm
Very Good! Makes lucky! ;)
Sat, May 17 1:57 AM reiswerk review of Consumers eat sleep and poop by annabloom
I like this! Really Tom Waits Stile!
Tue, May 13 5:48 AM reiswerk review of DJ Death - Vocal + Whistle, Ukulele, Bass by Kara Square
Kara Square, you are so grazy! I'm sitting here Uduring production) and have t...
Mon, May 12 3:04 PM reiswerk review of New Earth (open me) by CSoul
Compliment, Sir! Very good ideas for this Remix!
Mon, May 12 3:01 PM reiswerk review of new earth by latopa
I like this! Epic in the Jungle!
Mon, May 12 2:57 PM reiswerk review of New Earth Euphoria by Speck
@Speck, where is the Maschine?...uahhhh. Grazy Project! ;)
Sun, Apr 13 2:28 PM reiswerk review of Cat Deformity - Vocals by Kara Square
Thank you Ms.Kara Square, you made my todays producing Day!
Thu, Mar 13 1:19 PM reiswerk review of Amigos wit egos by FORENSIC
Like it very much, to hear Vocals like this...during producing!