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Reviews left by reiswerk

Tue, Nov 19 1:11 PM reiswerk review of Just a Fling by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice drive!
Wed, Oct 16 7:27 AM reiswerk review of Lone Star Rhythm by septahelix
Really nice! Thank youfor using my Bass. ;)
Fri, Aug 9 11:22 AM reiswerk review of Killing of the Earworm by Scomber
Hahahaa funny!
Thu, Jul 25 5:00 AM reiswerk review of Beauty And The Feast by Radioontheshelf
Rally nice! It's swinging!
Fri, Jul 5 5:46 AM reiswerk review of Live Your Own Life by texasradiofish
Pure latin!
Fri, Jul 5 5:44 AM reiswerk review of Let's Do This by septahelix
Very spectacular and rhythmic topp!
Sun, Jun 2 1:24 PM reiswerk review of Drunk Starlight by septahelix
Sun, May 5 2:12 PM reiswerk review of Year Dot demo by Robert Warrington
A really nice ballade! Like your stile!
Sat, Apr 20 10:45 AM reiswerk review of Pointless Lullaby by septahelix
Thanks a lot! Great!
Sat, Feb 23 11:16 AM reiswerk review of We're All Going to Die by bangcorrupt
I like it! Thank you for using my percussions!
Sat, Feb 23 11:15 AM reiswerk review of Quiet Girl by septahelix
Very well! Mixing 2 of my samples is something special!
Thu, Feb 21 12:32 PM reiswerk review of Lament Pattern by septahelix
Very nice!
Sun, Feb 17 11:54 AM reiswerk review of Pay It Forward-The Love Remix by J.Lang
Really smooth Rap, like it!
Wed, Feb 13 11:13 AM reiswerk review of Critical Listening by SoboSystem
It's so funny! Sounds like La Linea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKxXCmPi...
Sun, Feb 10 7:15 AM reiswerk review of sky┬┤s high by Kristian Skybound
Really nice ans smooth!