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Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, Jun 30 12:14 PM Quarkstar review of Strangers To Ourselves (ft Grapes & Gurdonark) by Donnie Ozone
Love that style, mysterious engaging. For me it could be a longer mix.
Mon, Jun 17 11:12 AM Quarkstar review of The Living Game by Hans Atom
Excellent. As a test "does it sound as if the vocals and music were in the same ...
Sat, Jun 1 3:43 PM Quarkstar review of TAXIM by CSoul
Interesting piece and interpretation. I like it.
Sat, Jun 1 3:02 AM Quarkstar review of human racers by wildbillvernon
You have been doing a lot of great samples and great to hear this remix.
Fri, May 31 10:10 AM Quarkstar review of Feel free! Plastic surgery! by Hans Atom
Sounds really natural and goes with the words very well. Its a fun pella but ...
Thu, May 30 11:34 AM Quarkstar review of Where Are You Now by CSoul
Thats so good, great sounds and music that fit the words. I just did a remix ...
Wed, May 29 3:26 PM Quarkstar review of Face Off by Scomber
Great rockin track. Nice feel and power.
Thu, May 23 3:50 PM Quarkstar review of Laid Knight enjoying it all by annabloom
Wonderful and intriguing. I saw a music score with just the notes, no music pape...
Thu, May 23 3:23 PM Quarkstar review of Island Journey (Electro Retro Mix) + stems by stellarartwars
Very good, took me on a lovely journey with varying sections as I travelled thro...
Thu, May 23 2:46 PM Quarkstar review of Just Beginning by Snowflake
Congratulations and thank you for sharing your wonderful warmth and feelings in ...
Wed, May 15 11:12 AM Quarkstar review of She Wears My Shadow by SackJo22
Lovely tune. I posted a topic in the DIY forums "Removing mains hum from guit...
Wed, May 15 10:50 AM Quarkstar review of Be here and now by Carosone
I love the combinations and overlapping repeats making your music emotional, log...
Wed, May 15 10:39 AM Quarkstar review of randomWalk by airtone
Lovely tune with a fine sense of inner balance and poise.
Wed, May 15 10:34 AM Quarkstar review of Let Me Be Free by texasradiofish
Lovely simple tune and you really cleaned up the vocals too.
Tue, May 7 5:25 AM Quarkstar review of The Most Generic Thing - Kara Square (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
My first thought was wow this is good, my next was where can it go, can it get a...