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Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, Nov 15 2:17 AM Quarkstar review of Change Something by Speck
I really like this, to me its like a journey passing through various musical des...
Sun, Nov 15 2:11 AM Quarkstar review of Loving Men - CSoul at 90bpm feat. Ciggiburns by Siobhan Dakay
That's a big full mix. Lots to listen to, I liked it.
Sun, Nov 15 1:33 AM Quarkstar review of Love Shadow (Remix Safety Guide) by rocavaco
You do know David won?
Sun, Nov 15 1:01 AM Quarkstar review of War and Art and Love by debbizo
Sweet and honest.
Sun, Nov 15 12:48 AM Quarkstar review of release.JOY.release by SackJo22
Great remix. Deep, complex and subtle with wonderful interplay between all th...
Sun, Nov 15 12:22 AM Quarkstar review of no one really truely by urmymuse
Great tune and I am really sold on your guitar work.
Sat, Nov 14 11:47 PM Quarkstar review of Murder by texasradiofish
After the last remixter and getting to know you, I was really looking forward to...
Sat, Nov 14 11:40 PM Quarkstar review of Fever by Snowflake
Starts so beautifully, builds up then drops, coming back to fulfil the promise o...
Thu, Oct 29 5:53 AM Quarkstar review of Hourglass by Zep Hurme
Starting with a simple melody you weave in other instruments to create an ever c...
Thu, Oct 29 5:46 AM Quarkstar review of Too Late by Stefan Kartenberg
What a great find of vocals and perfectly matched by your music.
Thu, Oct 29 5:32 AM Quarkstar review of You're Not Going Anywhere by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent and funky. Sounds simple but very hard to get right. Well done.
Thu, Oct 29 4:56 AM Quarkstar review of Lady Margret (Ghost Reggae Mix) by Anchor
Reminds me of Nick Cave in subject matter and the dramatic vocalisation. Very...
Sun, Oct 25 3:53 PM Quarkstar review of Yeah, I Do by Kara Square
Straight and honest writing that brings a smile. Lovely songwriting and memorabl...
Thu, Jun 25 2:33 PM Quarkstar review of Woof Woof by texasradiofish
What a great jam! Love how you remixed everything. I had better get some samp...
Mon, Jun 15 5:03 AM Quarkstar review of Lies (cdk Glitch Mix) by Analog By Nature
Great subtlety and beats, love what you did, just wish there was more!