Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, May 8 6:11 AM Quarkstar review of Wired But Disconnected by Aussens@iter
This is really good, the tune and vocals work well together and production is we...
Sun, May 8 5:22 AM Quarkstar review of Dedication (with Quarkstar feat. MissJudged) by Mana Junkie
Nice use of the source material to create an original interpetation. I like it a...
Sat, May 7 11:36 PM Quarkstar review of percentages by urmymuse
Love the music, especially the guitar. A wide sweeping landscape of sound.
Sat, May 7 11:28 PM Quarkstar review of Meaning of the Word by texasradiofish
Exciting tune and as always to high standards of playing and composition. Very c...
Sat, May 7 11:24 PM Quarkstar review of Lovely by copperhead
Good to see you back, and really nice mix and song.
Sat, May 7 11:14 PM Quarkstar review of Heartbeat by Snowflake
Beautiful combination of strong beats while keeping it delicate and transparent....
Wed, May 4 3:27 AM Quarkstar review of le conte du poisson magique by Bluemillenium
I just had to say how beautiful this is and how affecting. A wonderful floating ...
Mon, Mar 21 5:29 PM Quarkstar review of I'll Wait (Emotional Days Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Excellent orchestration and ideas.
Mon, Mar 14 5:05 PM Quarkstar review of Immensi tremor oceani by Bluemillenium
Music for film! The deep ocean, who knows what is in the depths?
Mon, Mar 14 5:01 PM Quarkstar review of Dub the Uke by Kara Square
You really used the samples well to make an upbeat and bouncy tune. Really hit t...
Sat, Mar 12 2:44 AM Quarkstar review of Shock and Awe by Snowflake
Wonderfully written, I could see this in a show or film. As an outsider looki...
Fri, Mar 11 11:59 PM Quarkstar review of Stop The Drop by Stefan Kartenberg
Top tune from start to end. Beautifully formed with lots of variation.
Thu, Mar 10 8:20 AM Quarkstar review of Flying (Liquid D&B Mix) by stellarartwars
This really stands out. Has a good exciting vibe and melody.
Mon, Mar 7 6:33 AM Quarkstar review of If i could by veezyn
A psychedelic vibe of the 60s. For me it has the vibe of the Porpoise Song.
Mon, Mar 7 6:21 AM Quarkstar review of All My Days (Providence) by Siobhan Dakay
Really good. Lovely orchestral textures with guitar; a beautiful sound.