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Reviews left by Pitx

Fri, May 22 12:19 PM Pitx review of War + Art @nd lUv ( Posh Tart Deconstruction Bootleg) by Loveshadow
One more time your skills in this art highlight in this mix. Sounds really we...
Wed, May 13 12:20 PM Pitx review of Ana remix by Speck
This mix has that "I-don't-know-what" that keeps me listening. Original.
Sun, May 10 9:54 AM Pitx review of Hear Us Now (poptastic mix) by Scott Altham
A really big enjoyment with this production . Thank you.
Sun, May 3 2:04 AM Pitx review of Theres No Surprise by ScOmBer
...If only I knew THEN what I think I know NOW... That illness is very common a...
Sun, May 3 1:56 AM Pitx review of Sola Solita by MC Jack in the Box
This goes to my car :)
Fri, May 1 4:12 AM Pitx review of Caper by gurdonark
I usually find difficult to say something about the Gurdonark's way of making mu...
Fri, May 1 2:35 AM Pitx review of Apologize by ditto ditto
Thanks for this new dose of DD's medicine for the soul.
Fri, May 1 2:24 AM Pitx review of Bang That Drum (Do It Now mix) by duckett
A charmer work
Mon, Apr 13 1:42 PM Pitx review of Apologize by MC Jack in the Box
Those brothers are always a good company...
Mon, Apr 13 1:34 PM Pitx review of Bad Sign Classic Rock Remix by unreal_dm
Well done, good production and arrangements. Wellcome to ccM :)
Sun, Apr 12 1:44 PM Pitx review of How Lucky I Am - bouncy remix by teru
Wow. This song hooks.
Wed, Apr 8 12:39 PM Pitx review of In the dark but not alone by radiotimes
I agree with MCJITB's Ed. Pick. Fantastic!. BTW, three exceptional uploads one ...
Wed, Apr 8 12:31 PM Pitx review of Let's Just Go by Alex
Not only you have mixed sounds, you have mixed some generations of musicians. Go...
Wed, Apr 8 12:19 PM Pitx review of spring song by oldDog
Fantastic. It's like an open window full of fresh air. Stems are possible? Tha...
Sun, Apr 5 7:21 AM Pitx review of a dark hope by oldDog
Pardon, missed your mix. Found now and i'm really impressed how you fit voice an...