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Reviews left by Pitx

Mon, Dec 14 8:48 AM Pitx review of Something Special by Alex
We use to hear Songboy in other contexts; with this mix you show that Frank is a...
Mon, Dec 14 8:37 AM Pitx review of Shoogie (Live at Shakey's Pizza Parlour) by Admiral Bob
Do you play the lead guitar with fingers or with pluck? It sounds a bit like Mar...
Mon, Dec 14 8:22 AM Pitx review of Spirits of the Dead(s.thaens) by stefsax
A pleasure.
Mon, Dec 14 8:09 AM Pitx review of dissembling (Denial Remix) by Vidian
I like how the mix develops from the beginning to the end and how all the sample...
Mon, Dec 14 7:58 AM Pitx review of Cello Frevo by short hopper
Just now I've meet your music. The mixes are very well crafted. What has surpris...
Sat, Dec 12 5:58 AM Pitx review of Loved by wellman
Excellent mix Wellman. Me alegra verte en primera página, enhorabuena.
Sat, Dec 12 4:56 AM Pitx review of The Evil Inside by Tenny
Thanks for this mix. Calling Sister is a good choice, she gives an interesting a...
Fri, Dec 11 11:52 AM Pitx review of Scratch Demo For Shoogie by panu
A privilege for my ears
Wed, Dec 9 5:12 AM Pitx review of Hommade LogDrum by error404
Tue, Dec 8 7:40 AM Pitx review of Something Special - The Smoove Groove ReMix by J.Lang
Sat, Nov 28 2:33 PM Pitx review of Ophelia's Song by grapes
It's always a pleasure to drink the fresh grape juice :)
Mon, Nov 16 6:40 AM Pitx review of Silent Night by MC Jack in the Box
Fantastic you've made a classic. What a high density of talents!!
Sat, Nov 14 9:38 AM Pitx review of white cube (watching ideas hang) by Speck
If some day I organize an exhibition of modern art and I need music for it, I wo...
Fri, Nov 13 6:19 AM Pitx review of "The Way" FB style by Fireproof_Babies
I don't want to be tedious but in this part of the world we're yearning for your...
Sun, Nov 8 3:23 AM Pitx review of The Only Love I Ever Needed by Loveshadow
A great mix of this panu's "forever-hit". All is in its place and well balanced ...