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Sun, Jan 4 6:15 AM timberman review of r3l08d (this world is endless) by kikai
Scond listen in less than 24 hours. I still like this a lot. The different music...
Sun, Jan 4 6:03 AM timberman review of Histoire de rien, histoire de nous (V2) by Bluemillenium
Absolument superbement parfaitement magnifique. La fin, (il n'y a rien avec toi...
Thu, Jan 1 8:17 AM timberman review of your moon against my moon by urmymuse
Wow! You've nailed it again, Simon. When the guitars broke out the first time I ...
Thu, Dec 25 7:12 AM timberman review of bauble by urmymuse
Christmas ditty...I think it's brilliant.
Sun, Dec 7 1:01 AM timberman review of Audio Thanks - ccMixter Fundraiser by Kara Square
Thanks, Kara. This place really has meant a lot to me.
Mon, Oct 13 10:37 AM timberman review of Ten Years of ccMixter by Speck
Brilliant idea, concept and execution. Honestly, this place would't be the same ...
Fri, Oct 3 10:38 AM timberman review of Comfy And Cushy by Speck
Wed, Oct 1 12:19 PM timberman review of The_Beauty_of_Empathy Plus by Stefan Kartenberg
I love your stuff and am becoming a fan. I get so many song ideas just from list...
Wed, Oct 1 12:16 PM timberman review of The Last Phone Call To His Father by Shelflife
Hey Shelfie, almost missed this one, didn't get a notification. Like Speck's ver...
Thu, Sep 25 7:19 AM timberman review of Aristoteles by Stefan Kartenberg
Hey, Stefan, what a pleasant surprise. Love the classic clean sound and the sim...
Wed, Sep 24 3:11 AM timberman review of Connect >> to Share by Scomber
I second Kara's Review. Also, deepest respect for the time it must have taken t...
Sun, Sep 21 8:57 AM timberman review of Visions by copperhead
Very British for being American:). Love it, really do.
Sun, Sep 21 8:54 AM timberman review of wont say love by urmymuse
Well I love guitar layer cakes so I love this. I hate referring to other artists...
Thu, Sep 18 10:33 AM timberman review of A Little Blue, But Still Smiling by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I like that you've started to compose and produce full compositions. All of them...
Thu, Sep 18 10:24 AM timberman review of Diggin' That Hole by Speck
Yep, a bit of controlled and well managed whimsies. Quite funky too.