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Reviews left by Papa_Zulu

Thu, Aug 18 7:07 PM Papa_Zulu review of Where You Are Now by Alex
This is awesome Alex, kicks ass!
Thu, Aug 4 7:38 PM Papa_Zulu review of Beyond Jupiter - Instrumental by Ivan Chew
Very lovely arrangement, and thanks so much for the midis! (love piano pieces).
Thu, Aug 4 7:36 PM Papa_Zulu review of Stems - Free (let the dolphins go) by Ivan Chew
Yeah like Scomber said - your guits are always airy, U2 -y, I call it "worldy" b...
Sun, Jul 31 1:02 PM Papa_Zulu review of Vocal Stems- Happy (Team Smile and Nod) by Kara Square
I love this! Its like its own musical or one-act play!
Sat, Jul 23 10:28 PM Papa_Zulu review of Unknown (Vocals + Guitar) by Kara Square
Wow this is awesome! Has a late 60's/early 70's feel to it - but yet contemporar...
Sun, Jul 3 7:31 PM Papa_Zulu review of This is Papa Zulu by debbizo
Wow thanks for taking the time and doing 2 remixes Deb - this remix does sound l...
Sun, Jul 3 7:11 PM Papa_Zulu review of Szeder by Grizzly616
I love the pitch bend o-rama at the end, very creative, and great production wor...
Sun, Jul 3 6:52 PM Papa_Zulu review of Freedom (The Beach Blanket Mix) by Mana Junkie
Great arrangement, with just enough variations to keep you thinking!. All those ...
Sun, Jul 3 6:44 PM Papa_Zulu review of The End by Snowflake
Im a big fan of Mind Map also and it is interesting you mentioned her work as po...
Sun, Jul 3 5:09 PM Papa_Zulu review of Drugs of Choice with Papa Zulu by debbizo
Great arrangement debbizo - I have tried a few times and always have trouble mak...
Sat, Jul 2 11:21 PM Papa_Zulu review of Spinnin' by Alex
Love the intro choice! Really grabs ya. I would say this could be called "sur...
Sat, Jul 2 11:11 PM Papa_Zulu review of Dirty Liquid (Broken) by 7OOP3D
Love the dubstep and the addition of vox. Brings out that dark edge a little mor...
Sat, Jul 2 11:06 PM Papa_Zulu review of Beach Blanket Emergence by Jeris
Great production, I think it captures the classiness of Onlymeith
Sat, Jul 2 11:02 PM Papa_Zulu review of What If ?? When Conflicted Robots Dance Mix!!! by J.Lang
Yes! I love some good techno! Great production and remix.
Sat, Jul 2 10:42 PM Papa_Zulu review of M-A-S-K by Budapest BluesBoy
This one is my favorite! Well done.