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Reviews left by Papa_Zulu

Sat, Feb 6 10:30 PM Papa_Zulu review of B92 by Zekrem
That bass hook is badass and the drums / percussion is great, I love it!
Sat, Feb 6 10:22 PM Papa_Zulu review of Winter Sunlight by Leza Boyland
Love your voice!! I created a remix with your oohs and ahhs :o)
Sat, Feb 6 10:20 PM Papa_Zulu review of It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Variations on a Theme) by narva9
Loved the variations so much I made a remix with you, Panu, and Leza :o)
Sat, Feb 6 10:14 PM Papa_Zulu review of Resilience & Dignity by SackJo22
You have a great voice, my favorite part of your singing is when you hit the not...
Sat, Feb 6 10:08 PM Papa_Zulu review of Amen (Last Laugh) by Anchor
This is a literary work as well as musical, good stuff.
Sat, Feb 6 9:58 PM Papa_Zulu review of What I Used to Be by Scott Altham
I like the tensions and releases, especially in the middle. Of course that bass ...
Fri, Feb 5 11:59 PM Papa_Zulu review of Island Journey Reprise by Ivan Chew
Wow Ivan, this is beautiful. Sorry I took so long to give a shout, I just got ba...
Fri, Nov 6 10:53 AM Papa_Zulu review of MuzicK by wellman
Thank you so much Wellman, this is a wonderful secret suprise! I actually made a...
Mon, Oct 5 1:23 AM Papa_Zulu review of This is what you get by RUIN
This remix is f'n great. I love it. Like Porch said this is a great hard rocking...
Tue, Jul 15 2:30 PM Papa_Zulu review of Where I Stand by MC Jack in the Box
Heh I saw your "free falling" comment after I listened - I was thinking the same...
Tue, Jul 15 2:02 PM Papa_Zulu review of Harder by Grizzly616
Badass mix, Grizz. Its hard yet soft in a anticipatory way.. (if that made sense...
Wed, Mar 19 4:29 AM Papa_Zulu review of Shayef Nafsak (kilim mix) by duckett
I like the guitars you added, I know it can be tough! BTW here's a translatio...
Wed, Mar 19 3:54 AM Papa_Zulu review of Oceans of Love by djsociopath
Love your integration of the vox! I know how difficult that can be sometimes. Gr...