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Reviews left by Numeron

Fri, Oct 19 12:38 PM Numeron review of It's Up to You(Bullets & Borders) by Loveshadow
Haunting, beautiful I agree with Dice, that synth/vocal lead sound is something...
Fri, Oct 19 12:29 PM Numeron review of My Twisted Apology by Steven M Bryant
I think this is lovely, delicate and touching
Mon, Oct 8 11:33 AM Numeron review of Please Love Yourself by radiotimes
Lovely, a quite unexpected interpretation Was that the first ccMixter use of a ...
Mon, Oct 8 11:20 AM Numeron review of PAY ATTENTION by GREGUBIS
Some nice bass work goin' on!
Mon, Oct 8 11:03 AM Numeron review of Waiting in the Garden by Tigoolio
Really nice groove
Thu, Oct 4 1:34 PM Numeron review of Our Music - RumbleStep Mix by Analog By Nature
This track kicks like a mule - reminds me of Pendulum, nice work!
Thu, Oct 4 11:27 AM Numeron review of If I Ever by Alex
It's another great interpretation, and the constant build up is fantastic...but ...
Thu, Oct 4 11:14 AM Numeron review of I don't belong here by whytong
This has a great solid groove. I wasn't sure at first about letting The Chipmunk...
Thu, Oct 4 11:07 AM Numeron review of Dust from the Stars by TheDICE
Great little feelgood pop tune - brings a smile to the face! I especially like w...
Wed, Oct 3 1:11 PM Numeron review of Heaven Sent by unreal_dm
Lovely, I would like to be sipping a cocktail listening to this!
Wed, Oct 3 1:00 PM Numeron review of Joy (of Being) by Anchor
This is great, so captivating
Wed, Oct 3 12:45 PM Numeron review of Wired And Wobbly by Speck
You crazy mofo!
Tue, Oct 2 10:21 AM Numeron review of The Happiness of Larry by radiotimes
Utterly charming!
Tue, Oct 2 10:18 AM Numeron review of Maybe I Should Stay by Jeris
Very enjoyable indeed!
Tue, Oct 2 10:12 AM Numeron review of Cepheus by Robert Warrington
This is really something quite special, lovely