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Reviews left by Numeron

Sat, Jul 28 12:17 PM Numeron review of 21 delirious by Scomber
Lovely, beautifully produced too - the sounds are all sitting in my headphones p...
Sat, Jul 28 12:14 PM Numeron review of Life Is Organized Crime by Alex
Wicked! I just tried body-popping to this but it didn't quite work out how I hop...
Sat, Jul 28 12:07 PM Numeron review of Just Play the Song by texasradiofish
You got my toes tappin' Mr Fish! I have no idea what time signature they're tapp...
Sat, Jul 28 11:57 AM Numeron review of ON THE TELEVISION by BOCrew
This is brilliant, your productions are always top notch, real pro sound!
Sat, Jul 28 11:53 AM Numeron review of A Disturbed Minor (Live from ccMixter Factory Mix) by Joel Frijters
Oh yeah man, I love a good bit of jazz!
Sat, Jul 28 11:51 AM Numeron review of Ai Tal Domna by Zep Hurme
Beautiful, I was transported back in time listening to it
Fri, Jul 27 11:58 PM Numeron review of Histoire de la Bean by radiotimes
Yes I'm 4 years late, but l'histoire de la Bean is one of the funniest things I'...
Fri, Jul 27 2:06 PM Numeron review of Try not to take the lord's name in vain, but don't ever be a goddamn scab by lonnie
This is amazing! I've no idea what I'm going to do with it yet though but I'll c...
Fri, Jul 27 2:45 AM Numeron review of The Wrong One by unreal_dm
Simon and Garfunkel in the house! Actually it also reminds me of the 60s band 'L...
Fri, Jul 27 2:30 AM Numeron review of HALĀ“s EndBalance by Wired Ant
I'm scared! This is great, I was thinking the same as Jav - it would be great in...
Fri, Jul 27 2:25 AM Numeron review of ENTRANCE by BOCrew
Fri, Jul 27 2:23 AM Numeron review of All For Freaks MK2 by Dysfunction_AL
Even fatter than the last version!
Fri, Jul 27 2:21 AM Numeron review of Paper Hearts by Zep Hurme
Fri, Jul 27 2:19 AM Numeron review of Island by CSoul
Fabulous groove going on here!
Wed, Jul 25 2:51 PM Numeron review of The Writer by Nethis
A masterpiece! I was excited to hear what you were going to do with MVW's vocals...