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Reviews left by Numeron

Fri, Aug 24 12:13 PM Numeron review of ccMixter Promo (Everglades) by Syenta
I may be totally wrong (so don't be offended!) but I'm placing your accent somew...
Fri, Aug 24 11:56 AM Numeron review of Jai Maa Saraswati by duckett
This track is making me hungry!
Fri, Aug 24 11:44 AM Numeron review of Remember Love by bigbonobo_combo
Great stuff, if a 14 year old can get a groove going like that I'm hopeful for o...
Fri, Aug 24 11:40 AM Numeron review of In my garden by bigbonobo_combo
This is fantastic, if it wasn't for the sound of the constant rain lashing again...
Fri, Aug 24 11:33 AM Numeron review of A Simple Parlour Ballad (for Joe) by radiotimes
Beautiful song. I didn't know Joe but I know oberonskye's comment is right
Fri, Aug 24 10:57 AM Numeron review of Scarbra Beach by Zep Hurme
Every track of yours is a pleasure to listen to Zep I saw some posters with your...
Fri, Aug 24 10:48 AM Numeron review of The Art Of Dying by Jeris
Fri, Aug 24 10:41 AM Numeron review of Nightmares by Donnie Drost
Wow! That screaming noise about quarter of the way in reminded me of this Aphex ...
Fri, Aug 24 10:31 AM Numeron review of Chris Horne - Just One Man (Progression Labs Remix) by Progression Labs
Very enchanting, a lovely interpretation
Mon, Aug 20 11:41 AM Numeron review of Fell Out Of The Sky (Dublin Mix) by Nethis
U2 came to my mind as well, fab!
Mon, Aug 20 11:40 AM Numeron review of Mater And Pater by radiotimes
Lovely stuff
Mon, Aug 20 11:39 AM Numeron review of Tink Globally by Jeris
Sat, Aug 18 2:18 PM Numeron review of Summer Forever by Jeris
Fantastic, real craftsmanship - just when I thought it couldn't get any better t...
Sat, Aug 18 2:09 PM Numeron review of I Want Too by Speck
Haunting and mesmerising, but with a real steady groove. Man, the music on ccMix...
Sat, Aug 18 2:05 PM Numeron review of So Weird by Jacob Nowak
Just fantastic, it's really unique - like Speck said, kinda like pop but the dar...