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Reviews left by Numeron

Sat, Sep 15 3:36 AM Numeron review of I Want To Love You (Folk Club Mix) by Javolenus
Fantastic, fits the vocal perfectly
Sat, Sep 15 3:33 AM Numeron review of Just Drive by starfrosch
Really unique, great sound
Wed, Sep 12 10:43 AM Numeron review of You Won't Say Love by Loveshadow
Just gorgeous
Wed, Sep 12 10:37 AM Numeron review of Dummy by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
Very smooth, lovely bass
Wed, Sep 12 10:32 AM Numeron review of Keith Bennett by radiotimes
Delicate and haunting
Wed, Sep 12 10:26 AM Numeron review of elMondo by Anandamine
Very sophisticated, reminds me a bit of DJ Krush
Wed, Sep 12 10:17 AM Numeron review of Brown & Gold by ifupdown
Lovely, very enchanting
Mon, Sep 10 12:31 PM Numeron review of Lucy Jane by whytong
Great little groove, the flute works really well too
Mon, Sep 10 12:27 PM Numeron review of Crank It Up - Camburn (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
Yep, this rocks!
Mon, Sep 10 12:24 PM Numeron review of Bicycle by Speck
Eraserhead takes part in the Tour De France!
Sun, Sep 9 2:00 AM Numeron review of My 3-yr-old: A conversation on the mattress by aliteralmind
Magical indeed! I'd love to hear what annabloom could do with this...
Sat, Sep 8 6:20 PM Numeron review of Snap, Crackle and Pop by radiotimes
Beautiful. I got a bit scared by the sound that comes in after about 5 seconds t...
Sat, Sep 8 6:06 PM Numeron review of Hey Cinderella by Steven M Bryant
You got me rockin Stevo!
Sat, Sep 8 5:35 PM Numeron review of Himeji Furusato - My Hometown by robwalkerpoet
Lovely, this really spirited me away
Sat, Sep 8 5:31 PM Numeron review of Old Man's Fancy by unreal_dm
Impossible to stop my foot tapping to this