Reviews left by Nethis

Fri, Mar 29 10:27 PM Nethis review of The Haunted Hotel by SackJo22
holy crap
Fri, Mar 29 10:25 PM Nethis review of If I by texasradiofish
Wow, very smooth, fish.
Fri, Mar 29 10:18 PM Nethis review of Yesterdays News by copperhead
This is hoppin, baby!
Fri, Mar 29 10:17 PM Nethis review of Deeper Nights Bring Deeper Dreams Yeizon Remix by coruscate
This is chill
Mon, Feb 11 1:01 PM Nethis review of Never Be The Same - (TPO mix) by tenpennyorchestra
awesome, very nice atmosphere and lovin' the piano
Mon, Feb 11 11:18 AM Nethis review of Yesterday's News by ScOmBer
This is fantastic. It's refreshing and inspiring to hear mixers paying respect t...
Mon, Feb 11 11:11 AM Nethis review of Yesterday's News by texasradiofish
wow, mang. *clicks again*
Mon, Feb 11 11:08 AM Nethis review of Ukulele Vs. Kazoo and Whistle, Too by Kara Square
This is adorable. Now this is stuck in me head.
Mon, Feb 11 11:04 AM Nethis review of Miss Your Love by unreal_dm
Love the chords you used for this, awesome
Mon, Feb 11 11:00 AM Nethis review of Don'tGetTwisted(mix) by @nop
very chill
Sat, Jan 12 5:18 PM Nethis review of THE WORLD IS YOURS by BOCREW LAB
nice sounds, getting me really relaxed here.
Thu, Sep 20 2:49 PM Nethis review of red chester jingle blues (fell out dublin mix) by gmz
wow you really went to work on this! Thank you so much this is beautiful. My apo...