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Thu, Sep 3 7:28 AM logos review of Lully Lullay Light Jazz Mix by unreal_dm
Very nice.Great recording.Nice jazzy sounds and excellent vocal.
Thu, Sep 3 5:23 AM logos review of Aimée by turkdirty
Nice.I don't see alot of techno/minimal around here.Nice to hear it.I prefer tec...
Tue, Sep 1 8:49 AM logos review of where Do Feelings Come From? (Marley Reggae Remix) by Johnny SockHead
Nice song.The singer reminds me a bit of david byrne.different though but somehw...
Tue, Sep 1 8:47 AM logos review of Soldier (DJ Vadim) TRZ Dub Version by TRZ
really good mix.enjoyed it all the way though.I havent heard the original versio...
Tue, Sep 1 8:42 AM logos review of Mr. liquor store man (SpliffValley sunshine edit) by spliffvalley
Tue, Sep 1 8:30 AM logos review of Deep Down with Boddyker by remaxim
Nice mix.Enjoyed it.I was actually checking out his pellas yesterday cause i hav...
Sun, Aug 30 12:33 PM logos review of Aimée(s)..but you are..! by ditto ditto
Great!I wasnt expecting a beat but when it came in it was a pleasant surprise.Co...
Sun, Aug 30 12:29 PM logos review of TAKE A LOOK / A tribute to Melvin C by BOCrew
It surprises me that you havent got any reviews yet.I really like this mix.Your ...
Sat, Aug 29 8:11 AM logos review of Cue - Back On It - DjiZrmx by Kwame
Nice mix!Dark but laidback.I like the drums alot.Nice strings too
Fri, Aug 28 4:01 PM logos review of Monique (soul slam remix) by Analog By Nature
Great Mix!
Fri, Aug 28 3:23 PM logos review of Oh Monique ! Pellas by Scomber
Great Pella.Thanks for sharing!
Thu, Aug 27 6:51 AM logos review of On Vient De Loin by ChoqueTT
Great pella.Thanks for uploading.I had fun remixing it
Thu, Aug 27 6:45 AM logos review of Man Of Mystery (Woman Of Sin Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Nice funky beat.at first i thought the beat and the vocal didnt blend that well ...
Thu, Aug 27 6:42 AM logos review of I Am a Stone by Kaer Trouz
Very nice intro.I like the delay on your voice.The guitars are nice too.Cool son...
Thu, Aug 27 6:39 AM logos review of In My Dub Dreams by gmz
Very nice.Very spaceous.Love the vibe.Great instruments.The rhodes are awesome.I...