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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Mon, Nov 4 9:00 PM Mr_Yesterday review of cocoaphany birthday by economix
Wonderful, defies description, hard to use it's so great by itself.
Fri, Nov 1 2:03 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Scratch my Warhol by Scomber
Scomber, thanks for this. I've been mentioned in the same breath with Laurie And...
Thu, Oct 31 2:26 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Confirmation by Zep Hurme
Wow, ZH, let me be the first to say thanks for this! It's been like my birthday ...
Mon, Oct 28 9:45 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Danish Blue Cheddar Blues by annabloom
Very, very fine indeed. Thanks to Carosone for connecting me back to this thread...
Sun, Oct 27 2:35 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Confirmation blues by Carosone
Tue, Jul 30 4:20 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Mistakes were made by _ghost
Thanks. I quite enjoyed it!
Mon, Jul 22 1:15 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Mr. Yesterday by spinningmerkaba
Hey, thanks. This reminds me of my days in NYC in a pretty vivid way.
Mon, Jul 8 11:29 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Confirmation by Jeris
Thanks, Jeris, very nice. Atmospheric guitar surrounding a cadence of billiard b...
Sun, Jun 9 11:52 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Never Did Nothin' To Write A Song About by Speck
Ditto timberman's comment and lovin' it. Though I'm sure the protagonist is enti...
Fri, Jun 7 2:18 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Behind Her Eyes(mix) by @nop
Very nice. Don't know how I missed it until now, but I guess May was a busy mont...
Thu, May 30 10:31 AM Mr_Yesterday review of That little Piece of Poetry to the left of my Soul by annabloom
And just as I thought I was beyond voilĂ !
Tue, May 28 11:25 PM Mr_Yesterday review of What Fantasy Don't You by Speck
Speck: Which Doctor are you, actuallyy? The timelines are...extraordinary always...
Tue, May 28 10:23 PM Mr_Yesterday review of E150-GTR-chords-for-a-song by Javolenus
Just...had to...use this! Like my first Zubrowka Sharlotka...woke up from it 24 ...
Tue, May 28 9:39 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Sea in a vessel or vessel in the sea? by Wired Ant
I keep coming back to this. Very nice build and convolutional/algorithmic compos...
Mon, May 27 2:28 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Aragon Blues by Javolenus
Two BIG thumbs up, lads! Gonna target this for some late night...something....