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Reviews left by MatrixAndDappa

Sat, Jun 23 6:37 AM MatrixAndDappa review of Madrugada(rmx) by savoyard
MMMM-mmmm sounds sooo good!
Sat, Jun 23 4:08 AM MatrixAndDappa review of Madrugada (Suenjo Remix) by Suenjo
I agree,this is chill man,good luck!
Sat, Jun 23 4:01 AM MatrixAndDappa review of Cidade Sol Rmx by ASHWAN
Nice work ashwan.Good luck!
Sat, Jun 23 3:54 AM MatrixAndDappa review of Cidade Sol (o gringo pesado remix) by astronomikl
Another fine job man,I'm likin your style.
Sat, Jun 23 3:52 AM MatrixAndDappa review of MADRUGADA ELECTRONICA by astronomikl
Nice work astronomikl.Good luck man.
Thu, May 17 4:25 PM MatrixAndDappa review of Making Me Nervous (More Nervouserer Mix) by artemisstrong
Great track man.Love how it starts up with the off tempo I was like huh? just ha...
Thu, May 17 4:17 PM MatrixAndDappa review of Good Day by artemisstrong
Another great one artemisstrong.This is a remix too? Is it possible to upload o...
Thu, May 17 4:14 PM MatrixAndDappa review of Tiger by the Tail by artemisstrong
Ambiently ambient,with a dash of hardness,props to the chef artemisstrong for ma...
Thu, May 17 4:11 PM MatrixAndDappa review of Ana (Drums and Vox Mix) by artemisstrong
Woa,this is a nice track.This is a remix?
Thu, May 17 4:08 PM MatrixAndDappa review of kill kill kill (unscathed madcow rmx) by tusk
Nice remix tusk.Gotta great groove to it,beat is punchy and bounces off the voca...
Fri, May 11 6:16 AM MatrixAndDappa review of Love Me (Psychopharmatherapy Remix) by Sawtooth
Aaaaaight,this is some cool stuff goin on with this one sawtooth.In another lang...
Fri, May 11 6:12 AM MatrixAndDappa review of Masters of Space and Time (Double Dutch/Black Zebra Verses) by Sawtooth
Nice work sawtooth.My only criti...critis...peave is the mix,a bit distorted,unl...
Fri, May 11 6:03 AM MatrixAndDappa review of Ophelia's Song by musetta (reinterpreted by Aden) by fairchild
Fri, May 11 5:46 AM MatrixAndDappa review of april (dogmix) by oldDog
Great combo guys.Love it,you're going in the right direction ol'dawg!
Mon, Apr 9 4:29 AM MatrixAndDappa review of Talk To Me (Feat. Ronan Tyrrell) by ASHWAN
This is a great track ashwan.It's makin my pelvis move like elvis!