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Reviews left by Loveshadow

Sun, Nov 18 4:28 PM Loveshadow review of fuzionmusik by panu
You made two expertly into one. Can totally feel the production direction you we...
Sun, Nov 18 4:23 PM Loveshadow review of Flower (ft Doxent Zsigmond) by Bluemillenium
Quite a journey. Well crafted sonic novella.
Sun, Nov 18 4:19 PM Loveshadow review of Light by onlymeith
Total class. Just a beautiful deep and emotional sound .
Sun, Nov 18 4:16 PM Loveshadow review of Gotta Break Free (Setting 3 Mix) by duckett
Wow I love this. It's totally unexpected and I love how you've crafted a New G...
Mon, Nov 5 5:31 PM Loveshadow review of The Beach (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
That's one cool mix :)
Mon, Nov 5 5:20 PM Loveshadow review of Something Groovy 160 by Apoxode
This is great :)
Wed, Sep 26 9:02 AM Loveshadow review of Heart On Redial (2018) by Doxent Zsigmond
Love it . Thanks for taking time with this.....consider the remix of the remix ...
Thu, Jul 12 6:49 PM Loveshadow review of Healing Me by Admiral Bob
Hey there..I don't know what's so scary it sounds great. The vocal sits really n...
Sun, Jul 8 3:36 PM Loveshadow review of Shifting Sun by Scomber
This is clearly a very classy unreleased Boz Scaggs track ..isn't it ??? :)
Sun, Jul 8 6:50 AM Loveshadow review of Moonlight Sonata (Shifting Sun Mix) by Speck
It's a lot like a broken clock being right twice a day. Listen long enough and y...
Sun, Jul 8 5:48 AM Loveshadow review of Foreboding by gurdonark
It's like an indoor theme park ride ..the little car passes each scene and you c...
Thu, Jun 21 3:12 AM Loveshadow review of When Tomorrow Comes by Aussens@iter
Expertly done. Very professional interpretation , the new chords gives it a Scri...
Tue, Jun 19 11:03 AM Loveshadow review of Crazy Love by Zep Hurme
Crisper than chips in a red hot tumble drier
Fri, Apr 6 4:12 AM Loveshadow review of sunny day summers end by urmymuse
another great track well done.
Fri, Apr 6 4:07 AM Loveshadow review of forgotten moments .... by urmymuse
Nice structure to this ..very easy to write to :-)