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Reviews left by Levihica

Mon, Oct 20 8:09 PM Levihica review of Your Mask by Snowflake
Very good. Didn't know you were so multifaceted. I enjoyed very much listening t...
Mon, Oct 20 6:49 PM Levihica review of We are one by kinsame
Awesome track! It's like a vocal minimal. Very nice. I love it. Welcome!
Mon, Oct 20 3:54 PM Levihica review of Drunk In A Smokey Bar Drinking An Imperial Porter Mix by Lasswell
This is so beautiful. Loved it.
Mon, Oct 20 10:42 AM Levihica review of Black Swan by Robbero
I really love the groove on this one. Dark and very hypnotic.
Mon, Oct 20 10:39 AM Levihica review of Ghosts of Lees by Hans Atom
Agree with the beautiful chord changes. Melody is fitting to the vocals. What el...
Sun, Oct 19 7:24 PM Levihica review of Tukatrane by Shelflife
I agree. Love that stereo separation and panning movement. Kept my brain moving....
Sun, Oct 19 7:20 PM Levihica review of The Penguin Dictionary Of Ancient History (third edition) by Speck
Very nice ambiance and texture. Good listen.
Sun, Oct 19 6:18 PM Levihica review of The Beauty of Empathy by Kara Square
Beautiful, bravo!
Sun, Oct 19 2:46 PM Levihica review of Only Sometimes by Jeris
Wonderful track. So atmospheric and chilled. I love it. Great job.
Sun, Oct 19 12:07 PM Levihica review of Dedicated (A capella) by KCentric
Very nice to hear your voice.
Sun, Oct 19 12:04 PM Levihica review of kcentric mag Dedicated by magmavander
Love that BASS, it's very sexy. Excellent, I like.
Sun, Oct 19 12:00 PM Levihica review of Trust Your Heart by Patronski
I loved this mix as well. Very emotive vocals, fit the music nicely. Very emotio...
Sun, Oct 19 4:37 AM Levihica review of Wrong For Me by Aussens@iter
This track is silky yet raw at the same time. Quite a paradox. Good job. I like....
Sat, Oct 18 9:24 PM Levihica review of Whisper To Me by CSoul
This reminds me of U2. Sounds great!
Sat, Oct 18 9:16 PM Levihica review of Where You are Now by CSoul
Super cool bass.