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Reviews left by Levihica

Sat, Sep 5 7:32 AM Levihica review of May [BABADI Remix] by BABADI
Agree, very nice as well.
Sat, Sep 5 7:28 AM Levihica review of Garnet Wine [BABADI Remix] by BABADI
Love the choice of chords. It's dreamy, relaxing, beautiful. Fits the vocals' mo...
Wed, Sep 2 9:25 AM Levihica review of Midnight Phunk by Doxent Zsigmond
Amazing mix. Relaxing, spacey, ethereal, emotional and sounds beautiful. A pleas...
Tue, Sep 1 12:32 AM Levihica review of Deeper Dust by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
That bass is amazing!
Tue, Sep 1 12:17 AM Levihica review of L'abeille by Stefan Kartenberg
This production is so crisp, punchy and that snare is out of this world. Love it...
Sun, Aug 30 2:12 AM Levihica review of Eleven Pieces of Eight by texasradiofish
This is excellent. I don't know what else to say! Bravo!
Sat, Aug 29 11:31 AM Levihica review of Alien Swing by Stefan Kartenberg
Classy and moving. Definitely makes me want to dance. I once frequented a jazz l...
Sat, Aug 29 8:26 AM Levihica review of La lavandière de Pontrieux by Bluemillenium
A pleasure to listen to this. Beautifully put together.
Fri, Aug 28 10:21 AM Levihica review of Lyrics of June by Haeresis Project
I love this song. The chord progression is beautiful and it sounds great. The vo...
Thu, Aug 27 6:17 PM Levihica review of Boi TRBL by Robbero
Awesome kick and bass mixing. Very powerful bass, I love it. Excellent compositi...
Mon, Aug 24 12:25 PM Levihica review of Could Be (SAW liquid mix w/ stems) by stellarartwars
This is really cool. Love liquid dnb groove and the melody and vibes are very ni...
Sat, Aug 22 4:36 AM Levihica review of The Letter by Doxent Zsigmond
Absolutely gorgeous melody.
Fri, Aug 21 4:23 PM Levihica review of Bloody Bankers by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Hey mountain man! Hope you are well. Funky tune. Great bass as always. =)
Sun, Mar 29 9:57 AM Levihica review of Balm Me by Speck
Great mix, very moving and hypnotic. Sounds fit together perfectly. I love the s...
Sun, Mar 15 2:11 AM Levihica review of Dust from the Stars by madimpactunit
Really like this remix. Excellent job. Very inspiring. Great job.