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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Sat, Apr 4 10:05 PM Kraftamt review of Isolation Arps by Javolenus
Sat, Mar 28 10:57 AM Kraftamt review of In Moving Light by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Great composition. Very well implemented.
Sat, Mar 28 10:48 AM Kraftamt review of Numbers by TheDICE
Wonderful background song. Fits perfectly with the vocals. Good work !!!
Tue, Feb 11 12:20 PM Kraftamt review of Mr Dowland's Midnight by Javolenus
It is absolutely fantastic. Very clear and a melodious guitar.
Sun, Feb 2 7:40 PM Kraftamt review of DJ Death (On Acid) by musikpirat
Great. It's great to hear a TB-303.
Sat, Feb 1 10:15 AM Kraftamt review of Braided Loops by Apoxode
Sat, Feb 1 10:11 AM Kraftamt review of Sound Pack 2 by coruscate
What a great sound package with very good sounds. Thank you for uploading.
Mon, Jan 27 5:46 PM Kraftamt review of Heimstudio by Stefan Kartenberg
Real great sound. The arrangement fits together perfectly. I especially like the...
Mon, Jan 27 5:40 PM Kraftamt review of Mad Orchestra by texasradiofish
Really fat sound.
Tue, Jul 31 12:45 PM Kraftamt review of Letting Go by Javolenus
This is a really good job. I especially like the interaction of the individual g...
Mon, Jul 30 3:38 PM Kraftamt review of Acid Sand by musikpirat
its sooooooo great.....
Sun, Jan 28 2:02 PM Kraftamt review of prosecco and amaretto by urmymuse
That sounds absolutely awesome. Very cinema-like ....
Sun, Jan 28 11:37 AM Kraftamt review of Welcome in the intox by Bluemillenium
Indeed, great work and interesting arrangement.
Sun, Jan 28 11:34 AM Kraftamt review of Certain Death by Hans Atom
Great thing. PopRock, who drives forward. Good work Hans...
Wed, Jan 17 4:04 PM Kraftamt review of Watching Other People's Holidays by Javolenus