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Niemandsland (Jurgen_Herrmann):

Reviews left by Niemandsland

Wed, Nov 25 12:24 AM Niemandsland review of Black Rainbow by Pitx
oh, it's excellent. a great figure .. warmly Jürgen
Tue, Nov 24 10:25 PM Niemandsland review of The Colour of Blue Pella (written by Narva9) by SackJo22
moving, beautiful ... Jürgen warmly. The vocal harmonies totally professional a...
Tue, Nov 24 10:21 PM Niemandsland review of The Man From the North (Another Sue and Mo Adventure) by SackJo22
Excellent double to triple in the true sense of the word --- warmly Jügen
Mon, Nov 23 4:14 AM Niemandsland review of Rest by CiggiBurns
this text, this voice, which are catalysts for a play with heart. I'm just grate...
Sun, Nov 22 6:24 AM Niemandsland review of Ruhe (Rest) a cappella by CiggiBurns
what force is growing out of an unhappy situation if they are overcome. Poetry d...
Thu, Nov 19 10:17 PM Niemandsland review of The Heartbreaker by unreal_dm
you make good music! warmly Jürgen
Thu, Nov 19 10:15 PM Niemandsland review of Loyalty Road by unreal_dm
very good. more points would have earned .. fantastic guitar .. not much circus,...
Thu, Nov 19 10:12 PM Niemandsland review of Ooma Gooma. . . . . by unreal_dm
hot!!!! warmly Jürgen
Wed, Nov 18 7:47 AM Niemandsland review of In Out by SackJo22
excellent singing voices and the guitar speaks - I love this song. warmly Jürg...
Mon, Nov 16 6:32 AM Niemandsland review of The Invisible Man by panu
You have a voice, which I love very much. Expressive and closely associated with...
Sun, Nov 15 9:00 AM Niemandsland review of white cube (watching ideas hang) by Speck
one of the most creative version that I heard in Mixter. Music from the belly an...
Fri, Nov 13 9:39 AM Niemandsland review of SNap in the air by Robert Anthony Ruzzo
Fri, Nov 13 9:32 AM Niemandsland review of Linda by La_Puerta
You have a wonderful voice. It sounds warm, feminine, and the earth nearby. warm...
Thu, Nov 12 1:23 AM Niemandsland review of Oh Lord by Suzi Q. Smith
This is just beautiful - a singing heart. warmly Jürgen
Tue, Nov 10 12:12 AM Niemandsland review of Ner'Tommo fant-ja Iodh serr naki-å by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Fantastic in the sound. Magnificent rhythms. To make installation with head and ...