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Reviews left by Niemandsland

Thu, Dec 10 4:54 AM Niemandsland review of Aimée ? by MiElle
Je fais partie des nombreuses personnes qui a emprunté votre voix. Mais il éta...
Tue, Dec 8 11:53 PM Niemandsland review of i can see (voc's)+seperates by beckfords
absolutely perfect! warmly Jürgen
Mon, Dec 7 10:28 AM Niemandsland review of Gently by Norine Braun
wonderful song - I'll write music for it! Thanks .. warmly Jürgen
Sun, Dec 6 11:03 AM Niemandsland review of War & Art & Love by unreal_dm
Played finely and great sung. Jürgen
Sun, Dec 6 10:59 AM Niemandsland review of Walk On by unreal_dm
great - just great! warmly Jürgen
Sun, Dec 6 10:57 AM Niemandsland review of It Mattered To Me by unreal_dm
a fine piece of music - but not a lot of instruments and a big sound. very good!...
Fri, Dec 4 12:09 AM Niemandsland review of The Guitar Speaks by essesq
I am guitarist and this text is very moving. warmly Jürgen
Fri, Dec 4 12:01 AM Niemandsland review of Inertia by essesq
high-quality poetry that is spoken very well. Heavy feelings go one in the face ...
Thu, Dec 3 11:54 PM Niemandsland review of Saturday Morning 4 a.m. by gurdonark
The time is dripping heavy - Brittle - sadly - pretty as an uncut stone! warmly ...
Thu, Dec 3 11:50 PM Niemandsland review of The Color of All Colors by gurdonark
this version I think is excellent. I congratulate you .. For me one of the best ...
Wed, Dec 2 11:44 PM Niemandsland review of Cidade Sol (Vocals) by Tamy
You have a wonderful voice! Eu gostaria muito de uma música com você. Como pos...
Wed, Dec 2 10:22 PM Niemandsland review of runnin/ +seperate pells by beckfords
excellent vocal harmonies! warmly Jürgen
Wed, Dec 2 10:17 PM Niemandsland review of Day By Day by AudioCave
beautiful drive - the bass growls - and a beautiful soulful voice. What more cou...
Wed, Dec 2 10:08 PM Niemandsland review of l'air immobile (mix-mash featuring Anchor Méjans, Federico Lemore, Stefan Thaens) by AIR_LOMEG
I like awards! Wonderful atmosphere! ... Warmly Jürgen
Wed, Dec 2 10:04 PM Niemandsland review of Lies by logos
Excellent !!!!! Jurgen