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Niemandsland (Jurgen_Herrmann):

Reviews left by Niemandsland

Sun, Mar 27 10:59 PM Niemandsland review of Waiting For by BarryMorgan
very orginell! cordially Jürgen
Sun, Mar 27 10:58 PM Niemandsland review of Fading Things by BarryMorgan
the music serves the text, like an old professional butler. If the word in our t...
Sun, Mar 27 10:52 PM Niemandsland review of Fading Things by Admiral Bob
This text meets my taste. No frozen product, but poetry with depth. sung very we...
Fri, Mar 25 10:27 AM Niemandsland review of Corazon/ Sin Direcion/ Una Cancion by HEJ31
tranquil and beautiful.
Fri, Mar 25 10:24 AM Niemandsland review of Cookin' & Singin' Guitars by HEJ31
wonderful - jazzy nice - so I will do something. Put it in the wine cellar for g...
Thu, Mar 24 10:21 AM Niemandsland review of Gospodi_pomiluj by magmavander
The accompaniment is beguiling. For my taste, the singing is too low-The song ha...
Thu, Mar 24 10:16 AM Niemandsland review of double_wide by magmavander
oh the song is absolutely good!! cordially Jürgen
Thu, Mar 24 10:07 AM Niemandsland review of Backwards by magmavander
Oh I love your support. The song is very good. Goes hand in hand with the text K...
Thu, Mar 24 10:01 AM Niemandsland review of move_ya_body by magmavander
a very nice piece. The short guitar figure is very effective. The voice of Beckf...
Thu, Mar 24 9:39 AM Niemandsland review of Insatiable vocal by CiggiBurns
we do not have many words - to me the song skin - a tight feeling in - black and...
Wed, Mar 23 6:46 AM Niemandsland review of Stay (for this Moment) by unreal_dm
I love your way to make music!! Jürgen
Wed, Mar 23 6:44 AM Niemandsland review of Still Stuck by unreal_dm
fresh and good .. crunchy guitar Jürgen
Wed, Mar 23 6:42 AM Niemandsland review of The Golden Calf by unreal_dm
noble - very noble!!! herzlich Jürgen
Tue, Mar 22 10:12 AM Niemandsland review of Kristallnacht by SackJo22
Sun dramatically decrease closely white and black keys lie in the neighborhood. ...
Tue, Mar 22 12:50 AM Niemandsland review of October by Togora
sorry my English is not good. But I wish to comment have to write your poem. The...