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Reviews left for jasper

Sun, Aug 28 5:31 PM gurdonark review of Wobbly Bass12 by jasper
One of those quirky bits of bass that can be altered into all sorts of fun thing...
Sat, Jul 23 5:59 PM septahelix review of Wobbly Bass8 by jasper
thanks for all the great wobbly bass samples jasper.
Tue, Jul 5 1:08 AM reusenoise review of Untethered by jasper
A great dark tune,maybe not suitable for beach party,but nice
Mon, Jul 4 10:37 AM SackJo22 review of Untethered by jasper
What a beautifuly somber, heavy and deep sound -- all of the sadness, the signif...
Mon, Jul 4 9:59 AM Snowflake review of Untethered by jasper
cool remix. great use of elements. amazing in headphones. love the changing sect...
Mon, Jul 4 9:03 AM AT review of Untethered by jasper
Enjoyed this---certainly not a happy tune but for me its very well done. Kind o...
Wed, May 25 2:55 AM Robbero review of Wobbly Bass3 by jasper
Nice man... Can I use this sounds?
Fri, May 20 12:15 PM Speck review of Wobbly Bass1 by jasper
Real nice set. Thanks for uploading.
Wed, Jul 28 6:34 AM colab review of Scars Make Us Human (Preview & Stems) by jasper
I like this a lot. Excellent soundscape. Reminds me of early Cevin Cey project...
Tue, Jul 13 3:38 AM Awkward_tom review of Ocean Woman (Remix) by jasper
Haunting use of vocals, gives me shivers (in a good way) ;-)
Mon, May 17 5:13 AM Admiral Bob review of DnB Start 1 (Stems) by jasper
The drum sounds I really like. I might use this (probably not the big wobbly bas...
Fri, May 14 5:00 PM debbizo review of Ocean Woman (Remix) by jasper
Thanks for remixing Ocean Woman. It sounds very oceanic as though it is coming f...