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Reviews left by Hi_Stakes

Mon, Jul 13 3:55 PM Hi_Stakes review of Back To The Future by Alex
Dope as usual, Alex! Almost sounds like the pell was custom tailored for your be...
Sun, Jul 12 4:14 PM Hi_Stakes review of FYU (Elsyde mix) by duckett
Yes, more hip-hop from duckett and with my drum loop. Big props! Love that piano...
Wed, Jun 24 4:05 PM Hi_Stakes review of Think / Brain by Hundred Schools Of Thought
Dusty, head-nodding, beautiful spooky vocal in background1 Love it.
Thu, Mar 26 8:45 AM Hi_Stakes review of 260309 percus 01 + 03 by Morusque
I'm digging the shaker and the tamb... Very nice.
Thu, Mar 26 8:40 AM Hi_Stakes review of Wardour Bass by radiotimes
Very nice! Funky n smooth. I'm gonna def use this... Thanks!
Fri, Feb 6 9:25 AM Hi_Stakes review of Technicolor in NC by teru
Ah! I'm lovin it. It blends trip-hop with straight jazz hip-hop, like an updated...
Mon, Nov 10 3:28 PM Hi_Stakes review of We R Not Evil mmac-remix by mystro
Man, I don't know why this def beat ain't gettin more love. It's one of the rea...
Mon, Nov 10 3:16 PM Hi_Stakes review of slumlord by lo tag blanco
haha, loungecore, for real -- but it never suffers from drowsiness, it's high en...
Mon, Nov 10 2:58 PM Hi_Stakes review of Sounds like The Life by DJ.E-State
simply put: a banging track. mastering aside, every element adds to the eerie f...
Mon, Nov 3 3:36 PM Hi_Stakes review of Don't Push Me- On The Edge reMIX by J.Lang
excellent electro here, man. it's electro but it's fresh and relevant. and you m...