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Reviews left by Vurma

Sun, Nov 26 9:33 AM Vurma review of Childish by bombero
The baseline and guitarr does not fit in some way. Maybe the kind of sound they ...
Sat, Nov 25 10:31 AM Vurma review of I will follow you (Heavy Set Mix) by Foundation.IV
Never been a fan of over-tuned vocals (i think thats how u get that sound), but ...
Sat, Nov 25 10:19 AM Vurma review of Tique Typique (desert mix) by DJ BLUE
U sure made good use of the vocal track here. Good mix. Keep it up!
Sat, Nov 25 10:15 AM Vurma review of Isso sim uma piada (rain forest mix) by shagrugge
Alot of background rythms fit into this choon. Has alot of mix potential with th...
Thu, Nov 23 3:47 AM Vurma review of Mixing Caixa by WIM
Hahahaha! Awesome collection and mix here. Very professional sound. Keep it up!
Thu, Nov 23 3:45 AM Vurma review of Thanks for Giving by MC Jack in the Box
I tried adding vocals to this track by dj blue, but ended up realizing the only ...
Thu, Nov 23 12:10 AM Vurma review of Mixing humans by WIM
Some very clean samples in there. I especially like the metaltoinks.
Wed, Nov 22 9:18 AM Vurma review of no more rain by penston
That u didnt add a more dominant base-line and no real melody, but still managed...
Wed, Nov 22 9:12 AM Vurma review of I Disagree (UK Dance Mix) by KCentric
Smooth! I would cut the base higher on the song and make it a lil more abstract,...
Wed, Nov 22 9:06 AM Vurma review of We Ain't Gonna Take It by themikeman
Haha! What playful sound! Feels a little crowded soundwise sometimes. Like this ...
Wed, Nov 22 9:04 AM Vurma review of What Cha Unplugged by HC-7
Feels a little bleak and empty. Nice bon-fire feeling to it tho :)
Fri, Nov 10 4:27 AM Vurma review of Thoughtwander by gurdonark
Nice playful and ambiet choon. That bell in the second half of the song is reall...
Fri, Nov 10 4:23 AM Vurma review of God Bandit (Live!?) by minimal_art
Nice live feeling. The bass line and the drums feels a little to static sometime...
Wed, Nov 8 5:04 PM Vurma review of Freedom by PhreaK
The vocs fit very good with the dark feeling youve added, but i think it needs a...
Mon, Nov 6 3:38 AM Vurma review of Supergirl by BeeAge
haha! very playful piano line. u have to upload that one!