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Reviews left by Vurma

Sat, Dec 9 5:23 AM Vurma review of Space (Funky Minute) by teru
Kinda hypnitic track. Short and intense:)
Fri, Dec 8 6:02 AM Vurma review of Open your eyes- Long Island Remix by CoffeeTrim
Nicely intergrated routine. Your beat fits very good with the vocals. Good job!
Fri, Dec 8 5:43 AM Vurma review of One Go by NoiseCollector
Nice collection of sounds you got there. The base however sounds false in the be...
Thu, Dec 7 7:12 AM Vurma review of "Sad" Vybe remix. by Analog By Nature
Wow. This is so delicately balanced i dunno what to say. Its like it reads my mi...
Thu, Dec 7 7:04 AM Vurma review of "Good Now" cdk exclusive (demo mix) by Analog By Nature
If you want the vocals replaced with something else than rap i thing a more domi...
Tue, Dec 5 4:45 PM Vurma review of Otto (Treatment) by fourstones
Funkhey! Very classical base line proved its worth again.
Fri, Dec 1 1:17 PM Vurma review of Freedom (Soul Donkey Dub) by Rodney Marable
Nice bass drum. Like the dry and stone-age feeling of it all. Kinda alternative ...
Fri, Dec 1 1:14 PM Vurma review of Babylon (amplified) by amplifier
Mangle? No wei! Your snare works great with the bass line. It gives the whole ch...
Mon, Nov 27 5:19 PM Vurma review of BIZZART remix by HALLUCIGEN
Hahaha! I get soo happy when i listen to this. Really admire your drumwerk. Ever...
Mon, Nov 27 5:13 PM Vurma review of Friendly Smile by prinsW
Nothing really original, but the snare is a killer.
Mon, Nov 27 5:09 PM Vurma review of Cherry Gelatin by prinsW
Heavy sound! Like the way u used the bass only for rythm. Kinda leaves the drum...
Mon, Nov 27 4:41 PM Vurma review of Ride Ride (Noizefloor Remix) by noizefloor
Sounds like the commercial for a new toy robot :D Mixing that with rap gives it ...
Mon, Nov 27 2:47 AM Vurma review of Velvet Robe by Jigsawpuzzleman
Sry but these vocals are not good. The rest is kinda plain, but pritty nice anyw...
Mon, Nov 27 2:30 AM Vurma review of Sad by Ms.Vybe
Cute! Nice setup. Tight sound.
Sun, Nov 26 10:01 AM Vurma review of Gray Sky, Blue Sky by gurdonark
WOW. That f***ng thuderstorm sample totally blows my mind. So deep, quiet yet ex...