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Reviews left by DJ.E-State

Sun, Apr 27 1:59 PM DJ.E-State review of Remember The Name by AussieJohn - OneMUSICk
Great intro! Main theme is simple but penetrating into the brain. Whole producti...
Mon, Apr 21 9:32 PM DJ.E-State review of I Guess It's a Remix Now by teru
Things get done fast on this site :)
Sun, Mar 2 8:44 PM DJ.E-State review of Black Is The Night [Omni Vista's Deep Mix] by Omni Vista
After finding my whole body 'bobbin' in time wit beat I couldn't escape from rev...
Sun, Mar 2 8:36 PM DJ.E-State review of Crossin The Line (DJ Cutz MIx) by yellowjacket_osx
aaaaight, this is fffunky))) good old eddie's pella! loop when 'ther's a thin ...
Sun, Mar 2 10:51 AM DJ.E-State review of February..and fly the gazelle by ditto ditto
Soundtrack ready composition :) Nice
Sun, Mar 2 6:29 AM DJ.E-State review of O.D.OhEight (SYKOFARMAMix) by duckett
like the male chorus and strings on the back!!!
Mon, Feb 18 1:03 PM DJ.E-State review of Sunshine (cdk something else mix) by Analog By Nature
Well done, especially like when dnb rhytmes comes into the scene in the very mi...
Sun, Feb 17 11:52 AM DJ.E-State review of Ya Rap by Alex
Excellent remix. Like strings here, perfect production! If Stim or Seryoga (sec...
Sat, Feb 9 8:51 AM DJ.E-State review of August (distorted) by Login_Name
Simple but cool! spite i'm not a big fan of this style)
Sat, Feb 9 8:44 AM DJ.E-State review of Infinity GhettoDragon Remix by Ghettodragon
Yeah, some switch ups would be of great help here, but the loop itself is a kill...
Wed, Jan 30 8:21 AM DJ.E-State review of Im the shit -- DjiZ - Bandits legacy RmX by Kwame
these synths are banging! man, you produce quality here fully 'car-audio-enab...
Thu, Jan 24 12:04 PM DJ.E-State review of Cannibal Shit RMX by DISTROKER
cool solar beat!!! it seemed a bit noisy, but melody, groove and drums just cra...
Wed, Jan 23 9:59 PM DJ.E-State review of Watch That Sound - massimiliano rmx by massimiliano
interesting mix!
Wed, Jan 23 2:20 PM DJ.E-State review of Remixah by Kwame
Remix Ali Jun Sisimikster? :) Nice 2 c your track after NY break! January 23th...
Wed, Jan 23 7:59 AM DJ.E-State review of Legionary by Abhi S.V.
this is great, like these menacing, dramatic violins !! arrangement and product...