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Fri, Mar 27 8:17 PM DJ.E-State review of Who? Boddyker by shagrugge
yeah, this is shagrugge, the Pro Cut-Chop-Mixer
Fri, Mar 27 8:14 PM DJ.E-State review of Hoody Sweater by Karma Cowboy
Good old '95 beats Flashback to that times was something missing for me on this...
Fri, Mar 27 8:12 PM DJ.E-State review of Why (Karma Cowboy Mad Remix) by Karma Cowboy
Nice Jazzy Hip-hop
Thu, Mar 12 6:49 PM DJ.E-State review of - by Kwame
This is more like an extension to the style, rather than completely new style, b...
Tue, Feb 24 8:56 PM DJ.E-State review of Remember the Nuts by maccam912
Huh, nice done))
Tue, Feb 24 8:47 PM DJ.E-State review of I Hate California (Suicide Music Limited remix) by Suicide_Music_Limited
Interesting remix, good production!!
Tue, Feb 24 7:00 AM DJ.E-State review of The Recipe by eddiebingo
liked used even twice)
Thu, Feb 19 11:05 AM DJ.E-State review of The Streets Odyssey (OM Remix) by onlymeith
Awesome mix!!! Switch between main and secondary themes is killing me... Bass, p...
Thu, Feb 19 10:59 AM DJ.E-State review of bars by grapes
excellent work simple and at the same time saturated melody which fits the beat...
Thu, Feb 19 10:53 AM DJ.E-State review of keep on movin (jerry old time rmx) by novaforma
Head nodding remix
Wed, Feb 18 7:35 PM DJ.E-State review of Bang Bang by rokamic
Man, I said, you got skills Keep on mixing ;)
Sat, Jan 17 9:50 PM DJ.E-State review of Flow is Special by rokamic
absolutey have no idea why this beat has only 1 review and only 1 recommendation...
Sat, Jan 17 9:43 PM DJ.E-State review of This is our music by The Big Beat Manifesto
oh, man.... one more person in my favorites list.... you have a feel to classic ...
Tue, Jan 6 9:01 AM DJ.E-State review of Faces of Debt by 4Ress_Projek
dirtyish, boddykerish, early 90ish...
Mon, Jan 5 3:28 PM DJ.E-State review of Tha Hight Knowledge Crew - Past present future (Remix DjiZ) by Kwame
ohh.... could not ever imagine it could sound like this... donno if you heard or...