Quintessential Solstice
DJ.E-State (E_State):

Reviews left by DJ.E-State

Sat, Dec 12 7:17 PM DJ.E-State review of I Wanna Be Free (mountain top celebration mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Nice idea to stectch BOCrew's beat to fit this pella. Mood of the beat fit words...
Thu, Dec 10 4:07 PM DJ.E-State review of LOGIC PROGRESSION by BOCrew
brow, this catches the headnodding harmonic since first sec!
Thu, Dec 10 4:05 PM DJ.E-State review of Deep in ya Self by Blake
I think I know where you took that scratch sample ;) Like the bass plus drumlin...
Thu, Dec 10 8:33 AM DJ.E-State review of Forensic - Put It In Rhyme (DjiZrmx) by Kwame
Such low tempo, but you managed to cope with it really well, sounds VERY consist...
Fri, Nov 6 10:23 AM DJ.E-State review of MENTAL IMAGES / ESSENTIAL ELEMENT by BOCrew
Aaaight!! Solar hip-hop flows, eddi should like it! Nice done, hommie
Sun, Oct 18 5:07 PM DJ.E-State review of slow role by grapes
OMG what a brilliant fit between the vocal style and and a beat. Perfecto!!!
Sun, Oct 18 8:19 AM DJ.E-State review of BACK TO THE FUTURE / pt2 B SIDE by BOCrew
Like backing chorus vocals here and smooth beat structure.
Sun, Oct 18 8:15 AM DJ.E-State review of MURDERA / KILLA EDIT by BOCrew
I'm IN LOVE with this intro and the whole track has some old wu-fam flavour!
Sun, Oct 18 8:06 AM DJ.E-State review of Murderer by Alex
Powerful track, reminds me of Nas
Sat, Oct 3 5:19 PM DJ.E-State review of THESE MCS / B-SIDE Dirty EDIT by BOCrew
this hardcore beat style fits pella's mood perfectly
Wed, Jul 22 6:03 PM DJ.E-State review of Deep in ya self DjiZ RmX by Kwame
Man, my congs with this edpick after 4 years.. gorgeous!!!
Fri, Jul 17 8:51 PM DJ.E-State review of Mr Bartenda by FORENSIC
Mm.... loveliest pella, tight, hot and absolutely rhytmic!