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Reviews left by DoKashiteru

Mon, Jul 21 7:15 AM DoKashiteru review of Faith... rhythm Guitar by Revlin
Superb quality - very, very, very useful :D
Sun, Jul 20 4:25 AM DoKashiteru review of What is Hip-Hop? (farty bass / speak n' spell mix) by plurgid
WHOA! Nice! Great use of samples here - and that bass is something else entirely...
Sun, Jul 20 4:22 AM DoKashiteru review of Back2Mixter by gmz
mmmm...This feels like the Thievery Corporation track on that WIRED CD. Nice!
Sun, Jul 20 4:18 AM DoKashiteru review of For Shame by Doghouse Riley
Most excellent! Very dance-able and a blast to listen to :D
Sat, Jul 19 10:47 AM DoKashiteru review of Estoy Nervioso by Sr. Privado
This is a great one! What a fun song.
Wed, Jul 16 9:55 AM DoKashiteru review of Constructions normales by Morusque
This is AWESOME. That's some of the coolest glitching I've ever heard. Amazing, ...
Sun, Jul 13 6:11 AM DoKashiteru review of tapsa_guitar_2 by demir
Top-notch! Very useful sample :D
Sun, Jul 13 6:00 AM DoKashiteru review of Hypnotic Numbers by murat ses
Man, all of your stuff has such an awesome groove. Great stuff!
Sun, Jul 13 5:58 AM DoKashiteru review of a groovy experiment by demir
Oooh, this is really nice. I love that synth line especially. Very useful (and s...
Fri, Jul 11 8:42 AM DoKashiteru review of Never Get Out by Pitx
Make that two (though I'm sure there are many more) :D This is really amazing - ...
Fri, Jul 11 8:37 AM DoKashiteru review of Ode To Joy by Pitx
Man, that's something else! Great job!
Thu, Jul 10 8:13 PM DoKashiteru review of New Dimensions in Sound (1957) by
Oh MAN. This is one of the coolest sample packs I've ever seen. I need to make a...
Thu, Jul 10 8:09 PM DoKashiteru review of The Critic - Coffee House Rendezvous(II) by
Haha! This is a great one! This just begs to be used.
Thu, Jul 10 9:24 AM DoKashiteru review of Slippershell (dnb - techstep) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
Fantastic! I love the way the drums sound - what cool rhythms there!
Wed, Jul 9 7:00 AM DoKashiteru review of Where I Stand (shockshadow remix) by shockshadow
The subtly-glitched vocals really set this track apart - I really love those lit...