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Reviews left by DoKashiteru

Wed, Dec 10 8:50 AM DoKashiteru review of Fonik Verse by Scott Altham
NICE! I really, really like this song. The short arrangement is wonderful - the ...
Wed, Dec 10 8:44 AM DoKashiteru review of What Chu Waitin' For (Guitar) by CASchubert
This is lovely. Lush, well-played, well-produced and -recorded. Very useful samp...
Wed, Dec 10 8:41 AM DoKashiteru review of It's Time by CASchubert
I love the guitars here! Very, very solid mix. Well done.
Wed, Dec 10 7:56 AM DoKashiteru review of DEEP COLD by WEAS
That pad is excellent, as is the bass - the levels need a little bit of adjustin...
Wed, Dec 10 7:52 AM DoKashiteru review of I KNOW IM HOT by WEAS
Man, the instrumentals on this are great! The vocals sometimes have trouble sync...
Wed, Dec 10 7:45 AM DoKashiteru review of sunrise remix by lfirster22
The effects on the vocals need to be a bit more sparing here - the distortion an...
Wed, Dec 10 7:29 AM DoKashiteru review of A DAY by WEAS
I love that bass, too! The sax is most excellent as well. I feel like it could u...
Wed, Dec 10 7:17 AM DoKashiteru review of We're Gonna Need a Miracle ( Save Us ) Radio extended Vocal Mix :-) by Loveshadow
This is great! A very, very solid dance track, very well-produced and catchy.
Tue, Dec 9 11:39 PM DoKashiteru review of Paloseco Brazz Samples 2 by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
Incredible! EXTREMELY useful samples and loops here. Thank you so much!
Tue, Dec 9 11:19 PM DoKashiteru review of Madrugada a la Gil Evans by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. This is amazing playing and professional-qualit...
Thu, Dec 4 7:14 AM DoKashiteru review of Ruffs Riffs 008 120 by Compusician aka EinStud
I like this - a simple, good loop with a solid, distinctive sound.
Wed, Dec 3 7:16 AM DoKashiteru review of Zur Biederburg by The Walt
Hey, great! The song's very good and the quality (and quantity!) of the very eas...
Tue, Dec 2 6:51 AM DoKashiteru review of Shayef Nafsak by mentorrecords
oh my goodness. oh my goodness. Wow. This is...this leaves me speechless!
Tue, Dec 2 6:49 AM DoKashiteru review of So it's on my shoulders by dangerous_objects
Hey, neat! Interesting mix of different instruments and songs. Almost a little t...
Tue, Dec 2 6:43 AM DoKashiteru review of Computer - stems by State Shirt
This is great - acting as a source for some top-notch remixes!