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Reviews left by DoKashiteru

Tue, Feb 17 1:10 PM DoKashiteru review of Never think I will not try by Sr. Privado
Gorgeous! Like just about everyone else said, I love that guitar as well. I also...
Tue, Feb 17 1:05 PM DoKashiteru review of If it sounds like a duckett by shagrugge
Oh, man, this is cool. I'm really, really liking the eerie quality of the beginn...
Tue, Feb 17 1:01 PM DoKashiteru review of Scott Waves to Aprils Salty Grace -dance mix- by J.Lang
Truly excellent, J. - very fitting for scott's consistently high-quality mixes.
Mon, Feb 16 3:56 PM DoKashiteru review of The Business of existing by radiotimes
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. It's a real honor, radiotimes. Thank you.
Thu, Feb 5 8:42 AM DoKashiteru review of Twisted and Tipsy by Scott Altham
Man, what a vibe to this do it again, Scott.
Fri, Jan 30 9:31 AM DoKashiteru review of café connection by morgantj
Oh, MAN! Nice job with this. It's weird and wonderful but at the same to groovy ...
Sun, Jan 25 5:49 AM DoKashiteru review of Atarax by Briareus
This is really cool - a fun, creepy, spacy collage. Well done!
Sat, Jan 24 10:51 AM DoKashiteru review of Rise-The So High ReMix by J.Lang
excellent. I love this pella, and your mix is really, really great. Got me danci...
Sat, Jan 24 7:52 AM DoKashiteru review of Does My Bum Look Big In This by radiotimes
Really, really catchy melodies here, and I love the things you've done with perc...
Sat, Jan 24 7:47 AM DoKashiteru review of Good Enough Remix by THERUNNNER
Oh, neat! These are great sounds, and the arrangement is excellent - all of the ...
Sat, Jan 24 7:44 AM DoKashiteru review of The Soul Corner Pt2 / Jess Beat by BOCrew
wheeew, this is cool! What a great sound, great feel, great groove. Excellent
Fri, Jan 23 4:43 PM DoKashiteru review of Enter... by teru
Excellent mix. This has a great vibe throughout - like post-rock reined in a bit...
Fri, Jan 23 4:33 PM DoKashiteru review of MR LIQUOR STORE MAN by Alex
hehehe, I like this a lot. I like the way you shift from major to minor, and the...
Thu, Jan 22 4:46 PM DoKashiteru review of The Heart Of A Man by Loveshadow
Amen, Loveshadow - contributing to, sampling from, and working with other people...
Thu, Jan 22 4:38 PM DoKashiteru review of Dreaming of a Perfect Love by Javier Sanchez
Man, this is incredible. Excellent composition and wonderful playing - I'm looki...