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Reviews left by diaphane

Sun, Dec 21 2:03 PM diaphane review of Nor Egrets by Pitx
Great "marriage" between your very nice music and this elegant australian bird :...
Sun, Dec 21 1:57 PM diaphane review of nor egrets by robwalkerpoet
I have no regret to tell're a "gentleman-poet" :) Beautiful words ...
Sun, Dec 21 12:14 PM diaphane review of Holiday Funky Blues by Zep Hurme
Great musical association with Snowflake !!!!!!!!!!
Sun, Dec 21 11:58 AM diaphane review of goodbye butterfly by Jeris
Absolutely beautiful like a buterfly wing !!!!!!
Sat, Dec 20 7:19 AM diaphane review of Overpopulation by catayela
I do agree with Speck. And there's a beautiful depth and melancholy in your musi...
Sat, Dec 20 7:07 AM diaphane review of Magic in Your Eyes ft Frank Carter III VS MsKidd by reiswerk
Great song really, great osmosis between your sounds and these amazing voices !!...
Sat, Dec 20 6:55 AM diaphane review of It's YOU I'll Miss by keytronic
Lovely-jazzy !!!
Sat, Dec 20 6:52 AM diaphane review of Hear the Bells > Catch that Chill by Scomber
Very good musical job and excellent choice of voices !!!
Sat, Dec 20 6:49 AM diaphane review of Dropping_out_of_School by Stefan Kartenberg
Perfect association between your music and Brad Sucks' voice !
Fri, Dec 19 3:37 AM diaphane review of This Is Not Love (Dub) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Good reggae and dub vibes here :) :)
Tue, Dec 16 1:40 AM diaphane review of This Is Not Love by Doxent Zsigmond
C'est une merveille !!! I do agree with Speck; your harmonies are beautiful, the...
Sat, Dec 13 1:41 PM diaphane review of (The Problem) It's Me ? by charlie_charles
Hi, good work :) I like the vibraphone and the old radio (or microphone...
Sat, Dec 13 1:30 PM diaphane review of LIKE by charlie_charles
I do agree with Snowflake. Voices go with your music very well.
Sat, Dec 13 12:43 AM diaphane review of LIKE by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Three words : I love it !!! The Perfect trip-hop song with Tricky and Massive At...
Tue, Dec 9 12:39 AM diaphane review of ccM radio show part 1 by Stefan Kartenberg
Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! GĂ©nial ! What a big work! You didn't stick only ...