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Reviews left by diaphane

Sat, Dec 20 6:55 AM diaphane review of It's YOU I'll Miss by keytronic
Lovely-jazzy !!!
Sat, Dec 20 6:52 AM diaphane review of Hear the Bells > Catch that Chill by Scomber
Very good musical job and excellent choice of voices !!!
Sat, Dec 20 6:49 AM diaphane review of Dropping_out_of_School by Stefan Kartenberg
Perfect association between your music and Brad Sucks' voice !
Fri, Dec 19 3:37 AM diaphane review of This Is Not Love (Dub) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Good reggae and dub vibes here :) :)
Tue, Dec 16 1:40 AM diaphane review of This Is Not Love by Doxent Zsigmond
C'est une merveille !!! I do agree with Speck; your harmonies are beautiful, the...
Sat, Dec 13 1:41 PM diaphane review of (The Problem) It's Me ? by charlie_charles
Hi, good work :) I like the vibraphone and the old radio (or microphone...
Sat, Dec 13 1:30 PM diaphane review of LIKE by charlie_charles
I do agree with Snowflake. Voices go with your music very well.
Sat, Dec 13 12:43 AM diaphane review of LIKE by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Three words : I love it !!! The Perfect trip-hop song with Tricky and Massive At...
Tue, Dec 9 12:39 AM diaphane review of ccM radio show part 1 by Stefan Kartenberg
Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! GĂ©nial ! What a big work! You didn't stick only ...
Mon, Dec 8 3:21 AM diaphane review of between worlds by smilingcynic
Magnifique !!!
Sun, Nov 30 8:09 AM diaphane review of Perfect Girlie by charlie_charles
Hi the "perfect composer":) Great sounds, I like the "blowpipe effect" and the j...
Sat, Nov 22 7:48 AM diaphane review of music by Stefan Kartenberg
Aerial song , lovely !!!!
Wed, Nov 19 11:19 AM diaphane review of We are Connected (the Chemma Chi Remix) by SackJo22
GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed, Nov 19 11:05 AM diaphane review of Scotts Mix by Shelflife
Superbe !!!
Sun, Nov 16 2:45 PM diaphane review of Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto by ASHWAN
GroBartig :)