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Reviews left by DURDEN

Fri, Jan 4 10:08 PM DURDEN review of silver white star by sleeperspaceborn
Great. I've always loved your rock treatment over the pellas and this is no exce...
Tue, Nov 1 6:00 AM DURDEN review of Don't Flake Out by Admiral Bob
Well, It's a shame you only had 3 hours, theres good material in here. Nice si...
Sun, Oct 30 6:16 PM DURDEN review of Supergirl (Fly in My Dreams Mix) by vo1k1
Very nice sounds here. I like the arrangement and the production. A strong mi...
Wed, Apr 6 8:06 PM DURDEN review of Pool of Love (Nulounge Treatment) by fourstones
I really like the treatment of the voice. The close micking style.
Thu, Aug 28 8:19 PM DURDEN review of The Hurricane Reggae by Zep Hurme
Great feel. Really chill reggae
Mon, Oct 15 7:53 PM DURDEN review of cruel machine by sleeperspaceborn
Wow, you always nail it. Great 80 feeling. Great catchy chorus
Sat, May 26 9:05 AM DURDEN review of On My Way To Hell by RUIN
I don't like the mix work, sounds a little muddy, but the performance and style ...
Sun, Jan 22 3:15 PM DURDEN review of Flyer by Snowflake
Nice track. Catchy, with nice vocals, echoes bouncing over here and there... ...
Tue, Dec 6 4:38 PM DURDEN review of Thanks for the Add (Deadman Mix) by William Berry
Very nice synth, and lovely nin indsutrial loops over there...
Mon, Jul 25 5:34 PM DURDEN review of redlightriot by sleeperspaceborn
Oh, lovely. I Really love your rock tracks.
Mon, Sep 13 10:34 AM DURDEN review of Sooner or Later by Hans Atom
Nice chords and interesting ideas. A great piano arrangement. I like the over...
Mon, Sep 13 9:53 AM DURDEN review of Do Androids Fall In Love (Part II of III, Ballistics of Love) by Ivan Chew
Great work. Seems the perfect music for an anime shot.