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Reviews left by DJ BLUE

Sat, Apr 7 6:32 PM DJ BLUE review of F.J.C. (Flaneur Jockey Club) by TRZ
funky. love the horns...
Sat, Apr 7 6:08 PM DJ BLUE review of Stolen March by oldDog
ambitous approach. like it alot. instrumentation works well with c-girl's voic...
Sat, Apr 7 6:04 PM DJ BLUE review of Kill Kill Kill _The 187 Mix by J.Lang
great work...kathrin has some pipes. feelin it.
Sat, Apr 7 6:00 PM DJ BLUE review of My... by bombero
oh yeah. this beat is dope. tight as hell. you don't stop.... great work! as...
Sat, Mar 31 2:22 PM DJ BLUE review of Time to Take out the Trash by ditto ditto
very cool mix. great unique and original sound. love that little alarm clock i...
Sat, Mar 31 2:20 PM DJ BLUE review of My Turn (Chizhik mix) by DJ.E-State
nice. the guitar work in the front of the song is beautiful. love it.
Sat, Mar 31 2:18 PM DJ BLUE review of Cybersutra Suite Balcony by gurdonark
emotive as always. nice work.
Sat, Mar 31 2:14 PM DJ BLUE review of Krunch Klipz (ft. Kcentric The Human Beat Box) by CptCrunch
funky choppy stuff
Sat, Mar 31 2:12 PM DJ BLUE review of Dedicated (The dirtywater remix) by J.Lang
keys and bass are real nice. feelin it.
Sat, Mar 31 2:10 PM DJ BLUE review of Missing You (Plead to the Symphony) by Analog By Nature
great track. beautifully moody stuff.
Sat, Mar 31 2:30 AM DJ BLUE review of The Cheese (almost live ratrace mix) by plurgid
very ambitious and sounds real it.
Sun, Mar 25 4:44 PM DJ BLUE review of Get Away by DJ.E-State
this is nice. love it. the drop after the beauttiful piano is fantastic.
Sun, Mar 25 4:41 PM DJ BLUE review of Just One Night(Big Booty Mix) by sunbyrn
great track. nice work, sunbyrn.
Wed, Mar 21 10:18 PM DJ BLUE review of "Layla Jones" by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
i love beats and groove are soooooo dope....oh, man. yes!!!! trusk...
Wed, Mar 21 10:13 PM DJ BLUE review of February in London by oldDog
interesting moody composition. deep strings and emotional keys are beautiful. ...