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Reviews left by coruscate

Sun, Mar 8 12:48 AM coruscate review of Luna's Little Friend (ukulele instrumental) by Ivan Chew
Waaaaaaaaaaay smooth.
Sun, Mar 8 12:26 AM coruscate review of Salsa by Gshepherd
A preview file always gets more attention than a submission without one. 8^) Lo...
Sun, Mar 1 3:13 PM coruscate review of Ten Years of ccMixter by Speck
My kind of chaotic mix!
Wed, Dec 10 9:03 PM coruscate review of Learn to pronounce Odia language by Subhashish
Maybe a .wav version of the file and preview would be cool. I like the idea.
Sun, Aug 24 3:41 PM coruscate review of Silent Moments by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I am HONORED to get such a fast "remix" of my work. I mean really, it didn't eve...
Sat, Aug 23 3:28 AM coruscate review of h2oBeat002 by My Free Mickey
Suh-weet! Thanks MFM! These will be of great use!
Sat, Aug 23 3:28 AM coruscate review of Some Words I Made by ike_poet
Are you new? I don't believe you are someone I've seen here before but WELCOME! ...
Mon, Jul 7 3:18 AM coruscate review of Ode To Joy by Pitx
This was such a sweet guitar piece to play, one of those where I truly with is w...
Mon, Jul 7 3:17 AM coruscate review of Coming Around Vocal Bits01 by sunbyrn
These sniplets remind me of the singer Seal, in a good way. If it was intentiona...
Mon, Jul 7 3:15 AM coruscate review of Lord of the eighties by diaphane
As a remixter I stick to the "Attribution" pells and remixes, so it's rare when ...
Mon, Jul 7 3:13 AM coruscate review of Space Bouzouki by Doxent Zsigmond
A very airy, emotive instrumental piece that easily lends itself to many inspira...
Sat, Jun 21 3:59 AM coruscate review of Summer In The Park by spinningmerkaba
Megagroovealicious! It's like I was caught in a time machine back to the 60s / 7...