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Reviews left by Carosone

Sun, Mar 7 3:08 PM Carosone review of Sally's Waiting by Zep Hurme
I adore the barking ending! Thanks for uploading stems
Thu, Mar 4 3:41 PM Carosone review of All Human by ScOmBer
Enjoyable throughout. I liked the voice treatment and the drum programming.
Fri, Feb 26 11:18 AM Carosone review of One Love Remix by Dysfunction_AL
Oh, those swelling strings! I smiled everytime I heard them. Nice!
Thu, Feb 25 1:46 AM Carosone review of Hold on by Geert Veneklaas
Welcome back! Very real string and brasses. I had remixed the pella sometime ago...
Mon, Feb 22 10:11 AM Carosone review of One Love by Zep Hurme
Since I've been in Jamaica, I really like Bob Marley and classical reggae. but t...
Tue, Jan 12 1:24 PM Carosone review of Stars Aren't Suns by septahelix
I was hoping someone would use the synth solo, although it sounded like a square...
Wed, Jan 6 10:35 AM Carosone review of Cactus Love (It Hurts Me) by Songboy3
The Voice's return after 9 years!! I couldn't believe my eyes, and there's pella...
Fri, Jan 1 10:46 AM Carosone review of reMix by airtone
I enjoyed relistening to Lessig! Well produced track, with nice panning fxs and ...
Tue, Dec 29 8:20 AM Carosone review of Can't Afford Another Christmas by texasradiofish
More than a good fit! The original pella came upon a rock arrangement and sounde...
Mon, Dec 28 1:09 AM Carosone review of Poisen Cup by Stefan Kartenberg
That voice was claiming this treatment. Great rendition
Mon, Dec 28 1:07 AM Carosone review of Poisen Cup Vocals by Loveshadow
LS Rock!
Sun, Dec 27 8:38 AM Carosone review of If This Is All You See by Whitewolf
Thanks for giving the whole pack of stems Nice song, back to classic funky from...
Thu, Dec 24 8:25 AM Carosone review of Gaudete 2020 by Stefan Kartenberg
Having lived in Scotland for a while, I love and know traditional Scottish music...
Wed, Dec 23 2:45 AM Carosone review of Under The Christmas Tree by texasradiofish
So cute! You make Ciggi sound so sweet.. Very, very charming
Tue, Dec 22 8:25 AM Carosone review of Jerk by sparky
Fantastic! Beautiful throughout, and you keep it short, which is a bonus. I enjo...