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Reviews left by Carosone

Sun, Dec 10 1:46 PM Carosone review of travelLight by airtone
Excellent production, with marimba-like melodies panned hard, beautiful harp sam...
Wed, Nov 1 11:57 AM Carosone review of Song Of Praise (Sing A Song) by mykleanthony
I adore those 7+ and 9th on the joyful arp synths. Good complement to the Franki...
Thu, Aug 31 3:26 PM Carosone review of Take it Easy on me Baby by Scomber
Punchy drums and funky guitar, with MKA's black voice, really contrast the ambie...
Tue, Apr 25 9:06 AM Carosone review of The Code of My Heart by gurdonark
Great! Beautiful thing
Sat, Dec 10 2:00 AM Carosone review of Hold On by charlie_charles
Very clever musical idea of pitching everything 1 tone lower so voice is transfo...
Wed, Nov 23 9:10 AM Carosone review of Arabian Jam Out by copperhead
Solid and coherent. Guitars are well blended. Reverb is perfect for this kind of...
Wed, Nov 2 4:07 PM Carosone review of Escape Pod by Snowflake
What a voice. Damn, gotta sign her!
Wed, Nov 2 11:18 AM Carosone review of Disconnected by Alex
Beautiful and top notch. We take notes: pan, eq, pauses, strong refrain, candies...
Sat, Sep 10 10:31 AM Carosone review of One Way by Aussens@iter
I had the pella in mind since a long time, when I listened and downloaded a busy...
Mon, Aug 29 10:55 AM Carosone review of All The Time by Zep Hurme
Guitars are superb, many different parts and great solo. As a keyboardist, I jus...
Thu, Aug 4 4:10 AM Carosone review of you can't steal what i give you by urmymuse
Very nice and light. As usual, interestng sounds.
Tue, Jun 14 2:52 PM Carosone review of Miracles [Jihfa Reload] by Jihfa
Totally enjoyable. Good production as well
Sun, Jun 12 3:09 PM Carosone review of Black Is The Night by texasradiofish
it's some time that we don't listen to a rmx of this classic pella. The brazilia...
Sat, May 14 1:00 PM Carosone review of Not this not that by Stefan Kartenberg
Ah ah! I kept listening with a big smile. Ice on the cake is the finger tapping ...
Wed, May 11 11:04 AM Carosone review of Meaning of the Word by texasradiofish
Big thing! Music can really convey a message while being total fun.