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Reviews left by Briareus

Thu, Jan 8 7:31 PM Briareus review of Broken Acappella by reblaw27
Very nice pella! Grime, experimental, R&B, hmmm... I suspect you'll get a lot of...
Thu, Jul 31 6:45 PM Briareus review of The Aethrobast by Anchor
Really impressive. Now I understand why physicists talk about 11 dimensions in t...
Thu, May 22 6:50 PM Briareus review of Desert Dance by innabar
Absolutely exotic! Nice pella. Thanks for sharing.
Sun, Mar 30 8:57 AM Briareus review of The Joy Of Sentience by Anchor
Yes. Great lyrics and a terrific fit. Nice job as usual.
Sat, Jan 12 7:00 AM Briareus review of Graphic Design by sylvain moreau
I love this! You've captured the essence of the vocal and a great mix to boot.
Mon, Dec 24 11:36 AM Briareus review of Shayef Nafsak (scamper mix) by scamper
This is a truly awesome mix! great work here.
Sun, Dec 16 6:25 AM Briareus review of March (Funkenstein Monstermix) by duckett
Head bangin' Sunday morning groove! There's a dent in my forehead now - thanks t...
Fri, Nov 9 8:54 AM Briareus review of Deep deep (in secret) by minimal_art
Man, you're an awesome remixer! Thanks for doing me better than I can do me. ...
Tue, Oct 23 4:24 PM Briareus review of The Mistake by slumberlords
Man, this is awesome! What a great mix.
Sat, Oct 13 2:26 PM Briareus review of how are you? by minimal_art
Ditto on all the above. The beat is great and the vocal treatment first class. ...
Mon, Oct 8 3:12 PM Briareus review of Hey Dummy (better drums mix) by duckett
Nice Duck. You've done it again.
Sat, Sep 1 8:32 AM Briareus review of Guitars vs Briareus by Bone
Very cool! A really first rate mix with a single instrument. Excellent. Raven w...