Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Briareus

Fri, May 4 12:21 PM Briareus review of Glass Ceiling (humans will you ever be mix) by plurgid
Nice mix. I made a remix of your remix... a VJ vid clip called Glass Ceiling Onl...
Sat, Apr 28 7:49 PM Briareus review of Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk - Our Luxury by doender
Cool. I liked it so much I made a music video out of it Wild Nights (Sir Nose M...
Thu, Apr 12 7:19 PM Briareus review of Out of time (part 1-2-3) by IceSun
First class. You've found the soul of the vocal. A+ in my book.
Tue, Mar 20 9:06 PM Briareus review of China Doll by Mana Junkie
Nice tune. Moves along with a good techno beat.
Tue, Mar 13 7:49 AM Briareus review of Big Show by teru
Where ever he is, Gene is riding high in the saddle on this one. Great job. Love...
Mon, Mar 12 1:18 PM Briareus review of Just One Night-Late Night Mix by J.Lang
Perfect. You make it seem so easy.
Mon, Mar 5 7:45 AM Briareus review of black and white of it by penston
First rate! Excellent production. Well balanced and very innovative. Great work!
Mon, Mar 5 7:41 AM Briareus review of Moonlight (Cream 68 Mix) by fourstones
It's all coming back... the 70's I mean. Thought I'd gotten over it - great job....
Sun, Mar 4 8:40 AM Briareus review of Te amaré by MC Jack in the Box
A very nice treatment. I like the pads in the back - very nice effect. A+ work a...
Tue, Feb 20 9:23 PM Briareus review of S.O. - Blue vs Jack by teru
Nice. Moves right along. Great job as usual.
Fri, Feb 16 8:01 AM Briareus review of Ana Ona by minimal_art
Brilliant. I love the interplay of the violin and horns.
Thu, Feb 15 7:34 AM Briareus review of November (Treatment) by fourstones
Nice Vic. I like the juxtaposition. I keep thinking of I Dream of Jeannie