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Reviews left by Briareus

Mon, Apr 20 7:46 PM Briareus review of Twins by DoKashiteru
Nice nice groove!
Sun, Apr 19 6:27 PM Briareus review of DESERT SONG / CASSANDRA EDIT by BOCrew
You guys are in top form once again. Love this mix.
Sun, Apr 19 6:19 PM Briareus review of Song To Wear Pants To by KangarooMusiQue
A very nice treatment - you've made good use of the vox.
Sun, Apr 19 6:16 PM Briareus review of Apologize by ditto ditto
A really nice treatment - yet another dimension to this fine pella.
Thu, Apr 16 4:59 PM Briareus review of Naturally Numb (Replaced) by Leza Boyland
Nice work, once again.
Wed, Apr 15 9:02 AM Briareus review of apologize (dogmix) by oldDog
Nice work. I like the old school synth sounds alongside a modern mix - it accent...
Sun, Apr 12 1:31 PM Briareus review of Don't touch the Insecticide by Scomber
You are once again in top form. Excellent mix!
Sat, Apr 11 5:39 AM Briareus review of The Souls of Insects by jacindae
This is utterly fantastic! You've outdone yourself (and that's not easy). ...
Fri, Apr 10 2:44 PM Briareus review of Different woman by Carosone
I always love CG mixes. The bass is fantastic - goes great with the pella.
Wed, Apr 8 5:42 PM Briareus review of Eros' Lie by SackJo22
I love this! I hear Spanish guitar and flamenco rhythms... Awesome pella!
Wed, Apr 8 10:07 AM Briareus review of In the dark but not alone by radiotimes
Beautiful work RT.
Mon, Mar 30 3:21 PM Briareus review of On the Busses (sic) by radiotimes
Really nice vibe RT. You have a great touch!
Fri, Mar 27 1:25 PM Briareus review of Lucy Jane Pella by Leza Boyland
Yet another really nice pella. This could end up mixed many different ways. Than...
Tue, Mar 24 3:22 PM Briareus review of tonight I love you by oldDog
Yeah Dog! I love this. The accordian, the harmonies, the orchestration... I'm tr...
Sat, Mar 21 6:21 AM Briareus review of what if by maajonic
This is a really nice pella. You've got very thoughtful lyrics combined with an ...