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Wed, Nov 10 5:37 AM Briareus review of Lament of the Irish Immigrant by Story of the Lie
What an awesome mix. This poem never fails to move me your treatment here amplif...
Mon, Dec 14 5:31 PM Briareus review of Alone Together by Jonatha Chance
very nice indeed! Music for film for sure. Thanks for the remix.
Sun, Nov 15 6:35 PM Briareus review of Lament of the Irish Immigrant by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow. I love it. Weaves all around but stays together and accents the emotion of ...
Tue, Oct 19 6:06 PM Briareus review of take me to kili by urmymuse
Really nice stuff here - love the guitars.
Fri, Sep 17 6:06 PM Briareus review of The Black Sheep, The Dark Horses (Bad Apple Mix) by Mana Junkie
I love this! Top rate.
Thu, Sep 16 6:16 PM Briareus review of [Rhiannon] Cover Me Acapella by Ascension
Really first rate pell. Thanks for sharing.
Fri, Aug 13 5:26 PM Briareus review of Vocal Stems- Stagnant by Kara Square
Very nice. You're willingness to cross genre boundaries is very refreshing.
Sat, Jul 31 7:26 AM Briareus review of Winter Coat Pella by ScOmBer
Yes! A chip off ... the old... block.
Fri, Jun 18 4:45 AM Briareus review of Among the Lilies by Admiral Bob
Very nice Admiral. A very compelling piece with a lot of emotional interpretatio...
Thu, Jun 10 5:43 PM Briareus review of Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois de Sade by Joan Villaperros
I like this a lot. Nice balance and mix of ideas.
Sun, May 23 6:53 PM Briareus review of What Key is this in Blues by texasradiofish
Yes. You've captured the essence of remixing. Perfect.
Sun, May 23 6:48 PM Briareus review of I am only thirty by debbizo
Very moving. A really nice mix all the way 'round.
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