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Reviews left by Briareus

Mon, Dec 14 5:31 PM Briareus review of Alone Together by Jonatha Chance
very nice indeed! Music for film for sure. Thanks for the remix.
Sun, Nov 15 6:35 PM Briareus review of Lament of the Irish Immigrant by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow. I love it. Weaves all around but stays together and accents the emotion of ...
Tue, Oct 19 6:06 PM Briareus review of take me to kili by urmymuse
Really nice stuff here - love the guitars.
Fri, Sep 17 6:06 PM Briareus review of The Black Sheep, The Dark Horses (Bad Apple Mix) by Mana Junkie
I love this! Top rate.
Thu, Sep 16 6:16 PM Briareus review of Cover Me Acapella by WolfFly
Really first rate pell. Thanks for sharing.
Fri, Aug 13 5:26 PM Briareus review of Vocal Stems- Stagnant by Kara Square
Very nice. You're willingness to cross genre boundaries is very refreshing.
Sat, Jul 31 7:26 AM Briareus review of Winter Coat Pella by Scomber
Yes! A chip off ... the old... block.
Fri, Jun 18 4:45 AM Briareus review of Among the Lilies by Admiral Bob
Very nice Admiral. A very compelling piece with a lot of emotional interpretatio...
Thu, Jun 10 5:43 PM Briareus review of Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois de Sade by Joan Villaperros
I like this a lot. Nice balance and mix of ideas.
Sun, May 23 6:53 PM Briareus review of What Key is this in Blues by texasradiofish
Yes. You've captured the essence of remixing. Perfect.
Sun, May 23 6:48 PM Briareus review of I am only thirty by debbizo
Very moving. A really nice mix all the way 'round.
Mon, May 17 4:16 PM Briareus review of Scars by debbizo
I absolutely love this!
Sun, Mar 7 7:04 AM Briareus review of Something Like Egypt by gurdonark
Excellent. You've captured the spirit of this pell perfectly.
Thu, Feb 18 6:57 PM Briareus review of Clean Sheet vocal by CiggiBurns
Made my day. Wonderful.
Fri, Dec 18 5:20 PM Briareus review of Daily news from Hungary(Funkmix) by error404
Hell yes!