Perspectives Playlist at Art Gallery Oct 12

Reviews left by Bluemillenium

Fri, Jun 14 2:51 PM Bluemillenium review of One True Connection by Doxent Zsigmond
Excellente composition, et un travail de mixage parfait, belle spatialisation. ...
Fri, Jun 14 2:50 PM Bluemillenium review of Hate Loses (Jazz Mix) by Whitewolf
Que c'est beau bravo
Sat, Jun 1 10:21 AM Bluemillenium review of Stellar Heart Beat by texasradiofish
Excellent and pro, very good track !
Fri, May 31 12:19 PM Bluemillenium review of Drunk Starlight by septahelix
Envoûtant ! Beau travail de mélange, c'est grand! Bravo
Thu, May 30 8:00 AM Bluemillenium review of Noodling Fish Tree by Speck
Another unique and bold mix, congratulations Mr Speck Thank you for integrati...
Mon, May 20 2:25 PM Bluemillenium review of Temperate/Turbulent by Speck
Travail puissant du mix, avec toujours le respect impérial de la spatialisation...
Sun, May 12 5:21 AM Bluemillenium review of who are u out of the blue by urmymuse
très beau, quand la guitare rentre, j'ai les frissons, bravo !! Merci Maestr...
Sun, May 12 5:18 AM Bluemillenium review of reCreation by airtone
Oh oui, c'est beau, bravo "Airtone". J'aime ce côté relaxant de votre composit...
Sun, May 12 5:17 AM Bluemillenium review of Not You Again (with Scomber) by Mana Junkie
Basse profonde, j'adore...
Sun, May 12 5:16 AM Bluemillenium review of Mary Who Now? by Speck
This duo of artists works, and this mix is absolutely fantastic. Bravo !!
Sun, May 12 5:15 AM Bluemillenium review of The Reuse of Noise (Angel Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Congratulations for this excellent composition, beautiful from a sound and music...
Sun, May 12 5:12 AM Bluemillenium review of Bus Pour Riquewihr by gurdonark
hello Gurdonak, Surprise. riquewihr is a city located 191 km from Morsbach, I ...
Sun, May 12 2:25 AM Bluemillenium review of layer cake by panu
excellente composition, bravo !!
Thu, May 9 12:51 PM Bluemillenium review of Le Graoully's Silent Book Of Absent Songs by Speck
Une excellente composition Un grand merci d'avoir utiliser les samples du Grao...
Sun, Apr 28 5:37 AM Bluemillenium review of ... more love by texasradiofish
C'est parfait, un rythme entraînant, un son professionnel, bravo pour l'ensembl...