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Reviews left by billraydrums

Wed, Nov 4 10:24 AM billraydrums review of Seven Wednesday Alchemy by simonlittlefield
This is so cool.
Thu, Oct 29 11:14 PM billraydrums review of Memory foam duck by Robert Anthony Ruzzo
I like it! Very sketchy and loose. It's honest, and wacky.
Wed, Sep 2 2:52 PM billraydrums review of Never by CiggiBurns
Lovin' it!!
Thu, Jun 25 1:31 AM billraydrums review of Babylon Blues by eddie_wilson
You win +100 Internets. This is so cool!
Sat, Jun 13 7:38 PM billraydrums review of Wayo Wayo (Start Select Mix) by Sharp
Yeah buddy! I love that a dance mix is using my "oldschool" part. This is exactl...
Sun, May 31 12:04 AM billraydrums review of The Evolution of a Broken Heart by MC Jack in the Box
I really, really love this. It started out as one thing, and ended up "communall...
Wed, Apr 29 1:05 PM billraydrums review of Straight Outta Galton by kidcharlamaign
No apologies necessary Kid. Your stuff is awesome!
Sat, Apr 18 10:00 PM billraydrums review of loving men by oldDog
Old Dog, I want to do an album with you. email me with a list of "requests" for ...
Sat, Apr 11 4:24 PM billraydrums review of 2#Nine_Luv70'smix by kidcharlamaign
Yeah buddy! Givin' me flashbacks that I can't seem to remember! On another n...
Sun, Mar 1 7:40 PM billraydrums review of Galactic Skyway by eddie_wilson
By far one of my favorite compositions so far!
Thu, Feb 19 4:47 PM billraydrums review of Tip Toe in Winter by teru
Nice- I like how you used the cross-stick part to keep the mood.
Sun, Jan 25 1:10 PM billraydrums review of Time To Go (Vignette mix) by duckett
**10 Quacks** Very cool indeed! I love the glistening mix.
Thu, Jan 1 11:03 AM billraydrums review of Goodbye December (Highway 95 Mix) by simonlittlefield
Wow....that's really cool!
Tue, Dec 16 2:53 AM billraydrums review of Gift by oldDog
I think that I just wet myself. This is by far, the most creative and flowing pi...
Sat, Nov 29 1:31 AM billraydrums review of Mr Slow by jaspertine
It is very interesting to hear myself spliced and parsed down into binary bits.....