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Sun, Feb 24 12:41 PM Announcements :: Help Us Re-Design ccMixter
Some things I think might help others: When choosing the sources used in a re...
Sat, Feb 9 7:55 AM Help :: Looking for CCM reccommendations
I can't speak for other users, but I'd feel awkward leaving people out of a list...
Tue, Feb 5 4:07 AM Help :: JFK Inauguration audio - copyright ?
I'm happy to help! :)
Mon, Feb 4 8:26 AM Bugs :: Beta "Samples browser"playing wrong files.
In beta, I'm able to play just the sample for "Arp Chorus" and it seems to match...
Sun, Feb 3 3:43 AM Help :: JFK Inauguration audio - copyright ?
According to it is public domain. As long as the cc stems ...
Sun, Jan 27 10:12 AM Bugs :: No access to remixes listing
I had the same problem, but it seems to be fixed now. If I may, I recommend e...
Sat, Jan 26 7:15 AM The Big OT :: Impressive Video
Now that's a chest!
Thu, Jan 17 9:57 PM Help :: How to find public domain sounds
There are two ways to find public domain sounds: 1.) Using "Search Find Conte...
Thu, Jan 17 9:48 PM Help :: Searching for public domain?
I've created a playlist that has all 337 sounds.
Thu, Jan 17 11:23 AM Help :: Searching for public domain?
If you go to "Search Find Content" and type in "cczero remix" and select "Match ...
Thu, Jan 3 4:05 AM The Big OT :: helpful tip for Internet
Quote: SoboSystem "Thanks! This is helpful. I am always leery about
Thu, Jan 3 4:00 AM Help :: Super Noob! Hello!
Only thing I'd add is Scomber's name to the "featuring" section. Also, it's opti...
Sun, Dec 23 4:08 PM Announcements :: New Year, New Voice Remix Event
This one might be useful: "Happy Giftday"
Thu, Dec 20 1:16 PM Pluggy Plugs :: a look at podcast
Hey Martin, thanks for checking!
Wed, Dec 19 6:52 PM Pluggy Plugs :: a look at podcast
Hey, Martin! Just caught #3! Good choices for tracks. I'm eager to listen to #4 ...