Reviews left by Apoxode

Sun, Mar 29 8:09 AM Apoxode review of Jogo a Vera by Jeris
Awesome, I love that rhythm, very catchy :)
Sun, Mar 29 8:01 AM Apoxode review of Ill Tempered Electro Jazz Jam by Speck
Great energy -- I like all of your additions, they round out the remix well. Wo...
Sat, Mar 28 3:38 PM Apoxode review of Jam after brunch by Stefan Kartenberg
Sweet jazzy goodness!
Sat, Mar 28 3:33 PM Apoxode review of Pressure (featuring CourtneyOdom) by Jeris
Awesome groove, kind to the head, good for the soul :)
Sat, Mar 28 3:28 PM Apoxode review of Forever Strange by septahelix
Groovy sci-fi mellage :) The lasers and glitch-streams contrast nicely with the...
Wed, Mar 25 7:26 AM Apoxode review of Blue Window by Javolenus
Calming and peaceful, what I need at the moment. Well done!
Wed, Mar 25 7:21 AM Apoxode review of Reason 04 by Speck
Excellent collection of synths and drums -- plant the seeds of inspiration! You...
Mon, Mar 23 9:33 AM Apoxode review of Don't Come Around (Please Stop) by Doxent Zsigmond
This is an ingenious blend of sources and sounds like a 'social distancing' anth...
Sun, Mar 22 12:52 PM Apoxode review of Seattle Listening Party by slp182
You need to upload the stems for this track for it to count as a sample.
Sun, Mar 22 12:49 PM Apoxode review of Stay Six Feet Away From Me by Speck
Right on, a great folk song for the times! Cool choices for backing, too :)
Sun, Mar 22 11:35 AM Apoxode review of Modest Grams by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very well done, your bass work (and its eq) are a great fit for the mood.
Sat, Mar 21 8:31 AM Apoxode review of It is sad to be alone at home by Stefan Kartenberg
This is a very sobering perspective on what's happening globally. I can almost r...
Sat, Mar 21 8:22 AM Apoxode review of Numbers by Kara Square
Wow, this captures the present quite succinctly, I know I'm obsessed with all th...
Sat, Mar 21 8:18 AM Apoxode review of Song for hikers by Stefan Kartenberg
Sweet, pastoral and uplifting -- it inspires a longing for the outdoors :)
Sat, Mar 21 8:07 AM Apoxode review of Menarost Ringtone by AlexPiLion
We need you to upload the stems separated out for this loop to qualify it as a s...