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Reviews left by Apoxode

Sun, Jun 2 6:24 PM Apoxode review of Memories Of Liquid Sky by Speck
Love it! Splendid Hi-Fi-Sci-Fi feast. Great use of the ring-mods, nicely dizzyin...
Sun, Jun 2 2:56 AM Apoxode review of saturdaynitesun by Martin Cee (softmartin)
It sounds like it's powered by steam -- a sort of factory atmosphere in the ind...
Sun, Jun 2 2:47 AM Apoxode review of at the sealine by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice and eerie, those synths are haunted! :)
Sat, Jun 1 4:45 PM Apoxode review of Stellar Heart Beat by texasradiofish
Pumpin'! Rich tones and bright beats round it out nice and tight. Great job! :)...
Sat, Jun 1 12:38 AM Apoxode review of We Were Lost by Mana Junkie
Great backing track, I just think the vocals need some eq adjustment to blend in...
Fri, May 31 2:52 PM Apoxode review of Herbie Okka by Speck
Heartwarming and fun all around! :)
Fri, May 31 2:12 PM Apoxode review of Drunk Starlight by septahelix
Very nice and chill. Love it! :)
Thu, May 30 3:29 PM Apoxode review of Love you more by dashdotdotdash
Epic remix! Love the transitions, your synth layers are glowing -- the vocals re...
Thu, May 30 3:21 PM Apoxode review of Okka by robwalkerpoet
Aw, Adorable! :) Bits of it here and there could work on their own, or sections...
Wed, May 29 6:04 PM Apoxode review of Stranger forever by reiswerk
I Love the accompaniment for this excellent vocal performance. Theatrical compos...
Wed, May 29 5:59 PM Apoxode review of Why Animals by Speck
Spot on satire! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
Wed, May 29 5:55 PM Apoxode review of Inappropriate dreams by Calyman
Very nice - great dynamics and compelling chord progression, that motif is desti...
Tue, May 28 2:18 PM Apoxode review of Tabla Rasa (free music for film or meditation / yoga, influenced by John Carpenter and Bollywood music) by geoffpeters
Wow! This is a thoroughly developed track -- crisp stems and top-notch productio...
Tue, May 28 2:08 PM Apoxode review of down at the cee shaw by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice ambient track, these synths are quite useful!
Tue, May 28 1:22 AM Apoxode review of Chiptronical by Patrick de Arteaga
This is a fully mixed track. Please upload the stems.